Photographers Without Borders Enables Photographers to Give Back


After photographing weddings and portraits for almost 20 years, Ron B. Wilson felt he’d hit a wall. He wanted to reconnect with his first love, photojournalism, which he’d studied in college, so he plugged “photojournalism projects abroad” into Google. That’s when Photographers Without Borders, which connects professional photographers with nongovernmental organizations around the world, appeared. “I clicked on the website, and within two or three minutes of reading their bio and... Continue Reading >

Photographer Documents the Drama of Storytelling


Much of a story is told through the subtle (and not so subtle) movements of the face and hands, as evidenced by Neal Schlosburg’s photo series “My Picture Tells a Story.” For the sessions, he asks each subject to tell him a story as he silently makes photographs with his Fujifilm X-T2. “Sometimes I shoot more rapidly than others,” he says. “The stories always dictate the pace of those shots.”He makes as many as 500 to 1,000 photos in a session and selects just six for each final... Continue Reading >

Heroes at Work: First Responder Photos Win Prize


On assignment with the European Pressphoto Agency, Christian Monterrosa arrived at the scene of a wildfire in Sylmar, California, that later became known as the Saddleridge Fire. Arriving shortly after the blaze was announced over the radio, Monterrosa noticed a neighborhood perched on a ridge directly in the path of the oncoming flames. He parked his car in a safe place and walked to the homes. The engine crew from Santa Clarita was on site there and at the ready, he explains.“When... Continue Reading >

Road blocking: Series documents nature in path of proposed interstate

March 2020 issue News

What’s now picturesque desert could someday be hot asphalt if a proposed Arizona interstate is approved by lawmakers.But not before photographer Frank Staub has documented its beauty.Staub, who lives just miles from the proposed path, says Interstate 11 would carve a road through both untouched desert and rural residential neighborhoods. “Almost everybody who lives there doesn’t want it,” he says, “because it will destroy a lot of wild desert and it goes close between two national... Continue Reading >

Playing cards: A new medium for street photography

February 2020 issue News

Street photographer Amy Touchette wanted to print her popular New York City street portraits, but the pages of a book seemed an all-too-ordinary medium.“I really opened myself up to how my photography could be presented outside of the usual places—exhibition walls and book pages,” says Touchette.After two years of brainstorming, she settled on a poker-sized deck of playing cards called “New York City Street Dailies,” which are now on sale at the National Portrait Gallery in... Continue Reading >

Todd Antony chronicles Bolivia’s Flying Cholitas

December 2019 issue News

“Each year I try to undertake one to two personal projects to keep myself fresh from a creative standpoint,” says commercial photographer Todd Antony. Often these projects highlight a subcultural group he finds intriguing, e.g. his recent series on Bolivia’s Flying Cholitas, a group of women wrestlers who wear traditional dress while engaging in their sport. The Cholitas first began wrestling in the early 2000s, says Antony, partly for recreation and partly as a way for women who’d... Continue Reading >

Sue Flood documents the emperor penguin

December 2019 issue News

Tent camping on ice in subzero Antarctic temps? Absolutely worth it for wildlife photographer Sue Flood, as it positions her to photograph and observe her favorite polar creature, the emperor penguin. Her photos have been collected into a book, “Emperor - The Perfect Penguin” (ACC Art Books).What we learned about Flood’s penguin photography adventures: © Courtesy Sue Flood Sue FloodWhy emporer penguins? Their resilience, Flood says. The largest of the penguin species, they brave... Continue Reading >

Photographer Steve Fiehl documents New York City shelter life

September 2019 issue News

We see homeless people on the street but rarely do we learn their particular stories. Steve Fiehl’s personal project “Resilient Souls” gave him the opportunity to hear and share stories of these individuals via portraits and documentary photographs he made at New York City’s The Bowery Mission. The images, with quotes from the portrait subjects, were exhibited at the International Center of Photography in June.The Bowery Mission often turns away photographers who ask to make images of... Continue Reading >

Nathalie Daoust defies constraint in North Korea

September 2019 issue News

While working on a photo documentary about North Korean women living in hiding in China, Nathalie Daoust decided to visit North Korea to better understand the story.She was permitted to visit but was allowed to take photographs only at designated tourist spots. She defied the restriction by connecting a cable release to the camera hanging from her neck and threading the release wire through her jacket and down to her hand. “This allowed me to click a photo whenever I wanted without touching... Continue Reading >

International Photography Hall of Fame names 2019 inductees

July 2019 issue News

National Geographic assignment photographer and marine biologist Paul Nicklen captured this image of a grizzly bear surfacing  from salmon fishing in the Fishing Branch River in Yukon, Canada. He is one of eight photographers to be inducted into the class of 2019 Photography Hall of Fame by the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum. The other honorees include Bruce Davidson (social/civil rights photographer), Elliott Erwitt (advertising/documentary photographer), Ralph Gibson (art... Continue Reading >