President’s Message: Is Confidence a Factor?

September 2020 issue Business

PPA President Gregory Daniel   © TIm Kelly and Kyla Renee PaintingsEarlier this year, my wife, Lesa, and I were traveling to meet with the Professional Photographers of Oklahoma. Our connecting flight was in Atlanta, where our plane picked up 40 lively Georgia firefighters. At the gate, they gathered and bantered back and forth with animated gestures, laughing, backslapping, and welcoming new members into their circle as they arrived. Our seats were planted in the middle of this group... Continue Reading >

President’s Message: It’s Not About You

August 2020 issue Business

GREGORY DANIEL © TIm Kelly and Kyla Renee PaintingsAs much as we like to think, It’s not about you, our clients predominantly care about themselves. And rightfully so. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Think how you’ve felt when entering into a buying experience.Recently my wife and I remodeled our master bathroom and learned so many applicable business lessons. We thought the remodel was something we could handle on our own but quickly found out we were wrong. Your client may... Continue Reading >

Jai Mayhew’s Magazine-Worthy Portraits for Non-model Clients

July 2020 issue Profiles

“I don’t like my pinky.” It was an unusual pronouncement but nonetheless pertinent information for portrait photographer Jai Mayhew as she settled into a session with a client. “I got you,” she assured the woman, thrilled the client felt comfortable enough to share this little nugget of negative self-perception. “Knowing those things enables me to shoot [clients] in a way they’re going to love,” Mayhew says.It’s all part of the customer care Mayhew provides. Mayhew, who also... Continue Reading >

How to Please the Impossible to Please

July 2020 issue Business

Everyone has expectations, and they carry those assumptions into every situation. Expectations that are reasonable to one person may be utterly absurd to another. Still, photographers, like all small businesspeople, need to manage clients’ expectations to build good working relationships and provide a positive customer experience.Marc Gordon, speaker, marketing consultant, and internationally recognized expert on customer experiences, says that managing expectations begins with... Continue Reading >

President’s Message: Break the Vicious Cycle

June 2020 issue Business

© Tim Kelly and Kyla Renee PaintingsIf you sometimes find yourself frustrated, confused, exhausted, or befuddled because of clients, you’re not alone. The gap between client and photographer seems to have grown over the years. Lots of fantastic image makers enter the profession and become dismayed at how difficult it is to create a sustainable business.Most photographers begin making photographs for the love of the art. They acquire education to enhance their technique and build their... Continue Reading >

Great clients are made, not found

January 2020 issue Business

Does it ever feel like other studios are blessed with amazing, loyal, high-spending clients while you’re struggling with price shoppers and noncommittal customers? It doesn’t have to be that way, says Steve Saporito, a Melbourne, Australia-based photography consultant and educator.He’s also an Imaging USA 2020 speaker who has taught thousands of photographers how to find abundance in today’s photography market. He posits that the gap between high-performing studios and everyone else... Continue Reading >

5 ways to activate gratitude each day

December 2019 issue Business

No doubt about it: Gratitude is good for you. It has the power to improve your physical health, mental strength, energy level, sleep, and self-esteem. So says brain training expert Jim Kwik, who will deliver the opening keynote at Imaging USA 2020. Practicing gratitude on the daily enables you to better serve your clients and manage your business. Here are are five daily actions to rev up your gratitude.  Continue Reading >

How to focus on what really matters

December 2019 issue Business

We live in an amazing time. There is so much information at our fingertips, all the time. Photographers have access to a seemingly endless library of resources to build their businesses, perfect their processes, and hone their craft.But it can get overwhelming—quickly. There is so much out there, so many new tools and solutions and options, that even the savviest student of the digital economy can suffer from information overload. And even if you can process all this data, how do you apply... Continue Reading >

Not good at remembering names? Here’s how to improve

December 2019 issue Business

© Courtesy Jim Kwik Brain training expert Jim Kwik will deliver a keynote address at Imaging USA 2020.Have you ever had an acquaintance address you by name while you frantically searched your brain for theirs? Drawing that blank is embarrassing for you, not to mention potentially off-putting to the acquaintance. And it’s especially poor form in business.“The No. 1 skill to master when it comes to business etiquette and networking is our ability to remember people’s names,” says... Continue Reading >

How to make a powerful impression

November 2019 issue Profiles

Make an impact© Maggie Kirkland Behavioral expert Vanessa Van Edwards will deliver the closing keynote address at Imaging USA 2020.Do you make a trustworthy first impression? Do your clients know you have their back? Do they love working with you so much they can’t wait to book you again? Vanessa Van Edwards is an expert in human behavior with a blockbuster TED talk to her credit. She’s developed science-based tactics to help people improve their interpersonal communication skills,... Continue Reading >