Not good at remembering names? Here’s how to improve

December 2019 issue Business

© Courtesy Jim Kwik Brain training expert Jim Kwik will deliver a keynote address at Imaging USA 2020.Have you ever had an acquaintance address you by name while you frantically searched your brain for theirs? Drawing that blank is embarrassing for you, not to mention potentially off-putting to the acquaintance. And it’s especially poor form in business.“The No. 1 skill to master when it comes to business etiquette and networking is our ability to remember people’s names,” says... Continue Reading >

How to make a powerful impression

November 2019 issue Profiles

Make an impact© Maggie Kirkland Behavioral expert Vanessa Van Edwards will deliver the closing keynote address at Imaging USA 2020.Do you make a trustworthy first impression? Do your clients know you have their back? Do they love working with you so much they can’t wait to book you again? Vanessa Van Edwards is an expert in human behavior with a blockbuster TED talk to her credit. She’s developed science-based tactics to help people improve their interpersonal communication skills,... Continue Reading >

Belly Beautiful thrives on powerful feelings

October 2019 issue Profiles

Karen Marie Hourscht builds a brand—and a creative portfolio—on client experience© Belly Beautiful Karen Marie Hourscht will present a half-day pre-con session at Imaging USA 2020.A former labor and delivery nurse with 13 years of professional photography experience, Karen Marie Hourscht understands what it’s like to work with pregnant women and newborn babies. She also understands the importance of creating a good client experience. Hourscht’s photographer-client relationship is... Continue Reading >