Balancing art and commerce

12.20.2017 Business

Identifying the ideal balance between art and commerce is a challenge for every photographer. Guy Tal’s path to success has been a road beset with compromises, all made to achieve his ultimate goal. For Tal, that means having the financial security to sustain a life filled with reading, art, and the great outdoors.  These are some of the lessons he learned during his journey to building a career he loves.© Guy TalNever lose touch with why you do what you do. There are much easier... Continue Reading >

6 exercises to ignite your creativity

November 2017 issue Business

iNSPIRATION, BY THE NUMBERSStuck in a rut with your photography? Try these numbers-centric exercises to re-inspire your work and challenge your perspective. © Professional Photographer magazineSource: "If You're Bored With Your Camera Read This Book," Demetrius Fordham Continue Reading >

Light painting: The art, science, and business

9.26.2016 Business

Sweeping illuminationIn my 42 years as a professional photographer, nothing has excited me more about image making than the technique of painting with light. Though it originated with film, digital light painting provides a level of control over the image not possible with any other method, taking a number of long exposures of a subject in a darkened area using continuous light and then blending those exposures in Photoshop.© John HartmanBecause they're composed of many separate... Continue Reading >