How Diaja carved a path to conceptual photography success

March 2020 issue Profiles

Unfailing confidenceCeres Henry was walking with a friend in Harlem one day three years ago when they passed by the recently opened X Gallery. Henry, artistically known as Diaja, was then a fledgling photographer and told her friend, “Let me just pop in and see.”“The curator [Lisa DuBois] was there, and I just walked up and said, How can I get my work into this gallery?” Diaja didn’t have her portfolio with her but showed DuBois some of her images on Instagram. “And she was... Continue Reading >

Photo series celebrates hardbound children’s books

March 2020 issue News

The feel of the pages. The colorful illustrations at beginning and end. Observing that many children read books on e-readers, Ellen Cantor became nostalgic for her favorite hard copy volumes from childhood. Using a mixture of her own books, her mother’s, and her friends’, Cantor created a photo series that honors the loved and worn hardbound books. She made her images in camera (not Photoshop) with a Nikon D800 on a tripod with one on-camera flash and one soft box, she explains, using a... Continue Reading >

Photographer Rus Khasanov creates liquid lettering

March 2020 issue News

Remember the silver side of the CD? The way it shimmered with a rainbow of color when you tilted it back and forth in the light? That unexpected iridescence inspired Rus Khasanov to create his photo series “Marmalade Type.” He spotted a scratched CD of ’90s music lying on the street and was hypnotized by its hues, he says. “I immediately had a great desire to experiment in this direction.”To create his images, Khasanov collected CDs and DVDs and wrote letters on their surfaces with... Continue Reading >

Anatomy of an image: Flower-themed child portrait

2.25.2020 Tech

© Ceres Diaja HenryFlowers for AutumnPhotographer: Ceres “Diaja” HenryDate: May 5, 2018Location: Studio in Harlem, New YorkSubject: Autumn, Diaja’s 7-year-old niecePhotographer’s note: “For some time, I had been promising Autumn I would paint and photograph her. One day she and her mom visited me right after a photo session with a client. I had already broken down my equipment and put everything away. However, with my creative juices still flowing, I decided to fulfill... Continue Reading >

Photographer and painter partner to create new works

February 2020 issue Fine Art

Collaborating with another artist can be intimidating, especially if the other artist works in a different medium. But that’s also what makes the resulting art so interesting. Landscape photographer Kent Burkhardsmeier and abstract artist Jessica Wachter teamed up to create a body of work exhibited at The Capital Gallery in Bismarck, North Dakota, where they both grew up. They titled the exhibition “Connected.”How they met: While visiting family in Bismarck, Burkhardsmeier attended a... Continue Reading >

5 tips for making the most of your ideas

February 2020 issue Business

What's your method of recording sudden inspiration? Will you be able to locate a record of your great ideas later? Will you even be able to remember you had them? It's important to have a system for recording your ideas that not only appeals to you but that actually works for you. You may need something multi-tiered, like a notation in a treasured notebook that's also photographed and linked to a reminder on your phone. It's important to not just record your ideas but also to schedule time to... Continue Reading >

6 ways of working with ideas

February 2020 issue Business

Nothing wrong with brainstorming as a way to work with and generate ideas, but there are other techniques that can jostle your mind out of a rut, too:1. Brainstorming: Let ideas flow without validation or constraint. Let your imagination go wild and review them later with a more critical lens.2. Abstraction: Look at a problem in general terms, taking out the specifics, and see if new problem-solving ideas come to mind.3. Drawing: Storyboarding or sketching concepts for lighting,... Continue Reading >

Creative analysis with Julieanne Kost

January 2020 issue Profiles

© Bob Coates Dennis Chamberlain and Julianne KostMany Photoshop users are familiar with Adobe Evangelist Julianne Kost. She’s a must-see at conferences and conventions as well as a helpful tutor via her blog, YouTube and Adobe Help videos, and her books “Window Seat” and “Passenger Seat.” She is looked to as the one person who can answer any Photoshop question.I first saw her in 2004 as she took command of an auditorium of about 2,000 Photoshop World attendees with her... Continue Reading >

Punch up photographs with pop culture appeal

January 2019 issue News

Sometimes you want to add a little of-the-moment zing to your photographs. Stock image purveyor Shutterstock has identified trends that speak to modern consumers. Find inspiration in the colors, patterns, and themes of these modern styles.© Professional Photographers of America Continue Reading >