Creative analysis with Julieanne Kost

January 2020 issue Profiles

© Bob Coates Dennis Chamberlain and Julianne KostMany Photoshop users are familiar with Adobe Evangelist Julianne Kost. She’s a must-see at conferences and conventions as well as a helpful tutor via her blog, YouTube and Adobe Help videos, and her books “Window Seat” and “Passenger Seat.” She is looked to as the one person who can answer any Photoshop question.I first saw her in 2004 as she took command of an auditorium of about 2,000 Photoshop World attendees with her... Continue Reading >

Punch up photographs with pop culture appeal

January 2019 issue News

Sometimes you want to add a little of-the-moment zing to your photographs. Stock image purveyor Shutterstock has identified trends that speak to modern consumers. Find inspiration in the colors, patterns, and themes of these modern styles.© Professional Photographers of America Continue Reading >

Review: Petzval-style optical design in the Lensbaby Burnside 35

5.29.2018 Tech

Despite the increasing availability of effects and filters in digital cameras and imaging programs, there remains a group of dedicated creative photographers who prefer to get an optical effect in-camera rather than in post-production. Lensbaby has been imagining and producing optics for many years. Its latest creation, the Lensbaby Burnside 35, incorporates two optical effects—a Petzval-style optical design and an adjustable vignette—in a unique lens that opens a wide array of creative... Continue Reading >

Flag etiquette for photography sessions

June 2018 issue Business

While the United States Flag Code is federal law, penalties for failure to comply are not enforced. That doesn’t give photographers free reign to treat the Stars and Stripes as a typical backdrop. One solution for clients who want to incorporate an American flag in their session is red, white, and blue bunting (with blue up and red down). If you do plan to include the flag in a session, be wary of the Flag Code no-nos.© Professional Photographers of America Continue Reading >

Balancing art and commerce

August 2018 issue Business

Identifying the ideal balance between art and commerce is a challenge for every photographer. Guy Tal’s path to success has been a road beset with compromises, all made to achieve his ultimate goal. For Tal, that means having the financial security to sustain a life filled with reading, art, and the great outdoors.  These are some of the lessons he learned during his journey to building a career he loves.© Guy TalNever lose touch with why you do what you do. There are much easier... Continue Reading >

6 exercises to ignite your creativity

November 2017 issue Business

iNSPIRATION, BY THE NUMBERSStuck in a rut with your photography? Try these numbers-centric exercises to re-inspire your work and challenge your perspective. © Professional Photographer magazineSource: "If You're Bored With Your Camera Read This Book," Demetrius Fordham Continue Reading >

Light painting: The art, science, and business

9.26.2016 Business

Sweeping illuminationIn my 42 years as a professional photographer, nothing has excited me more about image making than the technique of painting with light. Though it originated with film, digital light painting provides a level of control over the image not possible with any other method, taking a number of long exposures of a subject in a darkened area using continuous light and then blending those exposures in Photoshop.© John HartmanBecause they're composed of many separate... Continue Reading >