Small claims copyright bill introduced

10.6.2017 News

SHOW SUPPORT BY CONTACTING REPRESENTATIVESAt long last the small claims copyright bill has dropped. Under current U.S. law, copyright cases play out in federal court and are so expensive that attorneys won’t tackle one unless damages are likely to exceed $30,000. The average copyright infringement against a photographer is valued at less than $3,000. That’s a lot of money to an entrepreneur who’s earning $34,000 a year, on average. Yet it’s not enough to battle infringers.A bill... Continue Reading >

Photographers share copyright infringement woes with lawmakers

12.8.2016 News

Does current copyright legislation always protect small creators like you? No. That’s why PPA is working so hard to have the professional photographer’s voice heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill.Yesterday PPA CEO David Trust moderated a Creative Rights Caucus lunch-and-learn event, “The Art of Photography: Behind the Lens,” which gave panelists and renowned professional photographers Anne Geddes, Michael Grecco, and Denis Reggie the opportunity to tell lawmakers their stories—how... Continue Reading >

Why small claims is essential for copyright reform

November 2016 issue News

When Krish Mandal shared one of his favorite photos online with other PPA members, he was hoping for praise, and praise he received. But he also learned a bitter truth: Some commenters noted they’d seen the image before … in the marketing materials from the lab that had printed it for Mandal. There was a heated exchange of emails and letters between Mandal and the lab owner, who initially declared that Mandal should be flattered his image was selected for the marketing package. Mandal... Continue Reading >

Copyright law that works for you

August 2016 issue News

Changes will protect photographers© PPAPPA's Lindsey Forson and David Trust are frequent visitors to Capitol Hill as the orgnization advocates for more effective copyright protection for photogrpahers;.After years working at the leading edge of copyright reform, PPA sees that U.S. copyright law is on the verge of change for the better. Legislation is being put forth in Washington, D.C., that will protect working photographers like never before. PPA is represented on Capitol Hill as it... Continue Reading >

Breakthrough in copyright reform

August 2016 issue News

Small claims process gains tractionIn June, PPA received news that U.S. lawmakers were finally drafting copyright legislation to design a small claims process for battling infringement—something the association has been pushing on Capitol Hill for a decade.©PPACurrently, the only way to punish an infringer is to take them to federal court. Federal court copyright cases are extremely expensive—$345,000 on average—and an attorney generally isn’t interested in taking such a case... Continue Reading >

Redressing copyright wrongs

May 2016 issue Business

Professional Photographers of America continues to fight for copyright reform, this time via a white paper that outlines a plan for a small claims process to redress infringements.Under current copyright law, it’s nearly impossible for the average photographer to go after an infringer since the battle must take place in federal court and damages must exceed $30,000. On average, infringements for professional photographers are valued at about $3,000. Although that’s a meaningful sum to... Continue Reading >

Reinventing copyright

January 2016 issue Business

PPA educates lawmakersIn November, PPA led a coalition of visual artist organizations to host a copyright briefing for lawmakers in Washington, D.C. “Visual Artists in America: the Untold Story of Copyright” was presented to the Creative Rights Caucus, a bipartisan group dedicated to protecting the rights of content creators. More than 100 policymakers and congressional staffers attended.The briefing was conducted by a panel of working visual artists—a portrait photographer, a wedding... Continue Reading >