A Light Box and Portable Studio for Portrait Photographers

April 2020 issue Tech

A light box or portable studio may not seem like a tool portrait photographers would use very often. But what about using one to take your marketing imagery to the next level? I’ve been wanting to try a light box for just this purpose. Could I use it to create consistently styled social media peeks at products my clients order? The possibilities intrigued me.At first glance the Foldio3 from Orangemonkie seems like a good fit for this task. It collapses to an easy-to-store size, assembles... Continue Reading >

Go your own way: James Ferrara’s signature style

February 2020 issue Profiles

It could be James Ferrara’s background in film that gives his work a free-flowing, cinematic feel. Fifteen years of working on movie, television, and commercial sets developed in him an intuitive sense of movement and staging. Or it could be his longtime passion for the still image, launched in high school and carried on for years as a hobby.Whatever it is, it works. And it sells.Looking for a creative outlet that he could control, Ferrara, M.Photog.Cr., began shooting the occasional... Continue Reading >

Get smarter with the Adorama Flashpoint Xplor 600Pro TTL

November 2018 issue Tech

After four months of using the Adorama Flashpoint Xplor 600Pro TTL for tests, location assignments, and abuse by freelance assistants, I can attest to its reliability. In general, if electronics are going to go bad they’ll do so almost immediately, and so far, the Xplor 600Pro has passed this test.The largest project I’ve tackled with the Xplor 600Pro has been a multi-day shoot for an investment company. The 600Pro was the key light in a multi-light setup for formal group portraits and... Continue Reading >

Review: This LED light nails performance and price

May 2018 issue Tech

As LED lighting becomes a more viable option for still and motion photography, it’s important to look for a balance between high output, high quality light, cost, and size. The Lustra 50 from PRL Lighting fits that bill. For still photography the Lustra 50 is bright enough to use as a key or fill light for close-up work like still life and head-and-shoulders portraits or as an on camera light for event shooters. It’s equally well suited for small-scale video production.The Lustra 50 has... Continue Reading >

Lighting how-to: Light wands with two subjects

May 2017 issue Tech

To review the BrightSaber Travel Portable Light Wand by Polaroid ($69.99), I took a break from my typical three-light portrait practices to use continuous lights. I had the Travel BrightSaber and the LightSaber Pro ($170) to experiment with.The Travel Portable Light Wand comes with four color filters and has 10 power settings. Both the Pro and the Travel versions are comfortable to hold and easy to mount on light stands.I wanted the camera-to-subject distance to be far enough away to use a... Continue Reading >