Master of the Skies: Jason Hawkes Shares His Aerial View


Jason Hawkes never photographs while standing on the ground. At least not professionally. For more than 20 years, he’s plied his trade from the sky, dangling out of helicopters while creating breathtaking images from perspectives few people ever experience themselves.Based near London and known globally for his aerial photography, Hawkes has traveled from New York to Norway, Miami to Morocco, capturing scenes of people, places, and progress for a wide range of commercial and editorial... Continue Reading >

Commercial Photographer Ken Friberg is a Master Collaborator

July 2020 issue Profiles

Collaborator. It’s a word Ken Friberg uses frequently, dropping it here and there into conversation as he explains how he’s become one of the nation’s most successful—and most varied—commercial photographers.Ask him, for example, if there’s been a secret to his success and he replies, “I think I owe a lot of it to being as good a collaborator as I am a photographer.” Or ask him how he’s marketed himself so widely, in so many different photographic genres, from food to... Continue Reading >

An Ingenious Way to Build a Commercial Photography Portfolio

July 2020 issue Business

According to 54-year old Minneapolis-based commercial photographer Ken Friberg, his early career as an art director taught him ways to work with clients when he began his own photography career. “Because I had been in their shoes, I knew what clients wanted when they hired a photographer,” he says. But he also learned something equally important from his art director and agency days. “I learned the value of cold-calling,” says Friberg.Friberg built up his business as a beginning... Continue Reading >

Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream of Wildlife Photography

May 2020 issue Profiles

For almost 40 years, Kevin Dooley, M.Photog., plied his trade as a wedding and portrait photographer, running a successful studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At its peak volume, his studio kept busy 12 photographers shooting 450 weddings a year.But as time wore on, the wedding and portrait business wore on Dooley. Wedding couples seemed to be getting increasingly critical while demanding more. Competition was intensifying while rates were dropping. Dooley enjoyed the work, but his heart... Continue Reading >

Jeff Vanuga Finds Renewed Success Leading Photo Tours

April 2020 issue Profiles

Award-winning nature and wildlife photographer Jeff Vanuga is in a talkative mood. On the state of editorial and commercial photography today, he says, “Well, compared to a decade or more ago, the assignments are definitely fewer and farther between. And they are less—a lot less—lucrative.”Photographer Jeff Vanuga           © Jeff VanugaWyoming-based Vanuga, whose photography has appeared in National Geographic, Smithsonian, Audubon, The New York Times, and elsewhere, whose... Continue Reading >

Commercial photographer Steve Boxall gravitates toward fun

March 2020 issue Profiles

It’s one thing to photograph Stephen Hawking. It’s another thing to photograph Stephen Hawking sans wheelchair, floating in a reduced-gravity aircraft.Steve Boxall is a commercial photographer who, among other things, photographs clients of Zero Gravity Corp. as they experience gravity-free intervals on parabolic flights. Boxall says it was amazing to see someone who was a wheelchair user for so many years floating like a superhero: “That it was Stephen Hawking made it doubly so.”... Continue Reading >

Friend to the Famous: Hernan Rodriguez’s tips for celebrity portraits

February 2020 issue Profiles

You could hear a pin drop when he entered the studio. Six feet, two inches. Two hundred-plus pounds. All muscle. No expression. “We were like, Oh my god,” says Hernan Rodriguez. It was his first session photographing former pro boxer Evander Holyfield. “He’s like this wall,” says Rodriquez. “He’s very stoic. So he’s very intimidating.”Hernan Rodriguez © Hernan RodriguezThe first 40 minutes of the session were sweat-inducing for Rodriguez, who couldn’t seem to break... Continue Reading >

How personal work helps Jenny Risher stand out from the crowd

December 2019 issue Profiles

When you ask Detroit-based portrait, editorial, and advertising photographer Jenny Risher what makes her work unique, she starts talking about banana pudding.Huh?© Jenny Risher“To be a really successful photographer you need to have something that sets you apart from the competition; something that makes your work unique,” she says.But what’s that got to do with banana pudding?“It’s something I tell my fashion photography students: If you want to be noticed you have to... Continue Reading >