Jeff Vanuga Finds Renewed Success Leading Photo Tours


Award-winning nature and wildlife photographer Jeff Vanuga is in a talkative mood. On the state of editorial and commercial photography today, he says, “Well, compared to a decade or more ago, the assignments are definitely fewer and farther between. And they are less—a lot less—lucrative.”Photographer Jeff Vanuga           © Jeff VanugaWyoming-based Vanuga, whose photography has appeared in National Geographic, Smithsonian, Audubon, The New York Times, and elsewhere, whose... Continue Reading >

Commercial photographer Steve Boxall gravitates toward fun

March 2020 issue Profiles

It’s one thing to photograph Stephen Hawking. It’s another thing to photograph Stephen Hawking sans wheelchair, floating in a reduced-gravity aircraft.Steve Boxall is a commercial photographer who, among other things, photographs clients of Zero Gravity Corp. as they exper-ience gravity-free intervals on parabolic flights. Boxall says it was amazing to see someone who was a wheelchair user for so many years floating like a superhero: “That it was Stephen Hawking made it doubly so.”... Continue Reading >

Friend to the Famous: Hernan Rodriguez’s tips for celebrity portraits

February 2020 issue Profiles

You could hear a pin drop when he entered the studio. Six feet, two inches. Two hundred-plus pounds. All muscle. No expression. “We were like, Oh my god,” says Hernan Rodriguez. It was his first session photographing former pro boxer Evander Holyfield. “He’s like this wall,” says Rodriquez. “He’s very stoic. So he’s very intimidating.”Hernan Rodriguez © Hernan RodriguezThe first 40 minutes of the session were sweat-inducing for Rodriguez, who couldn’t seem to break... Continue Reading >

How personal work helps Jenny Risher stand out from the crowd

December 2019 issue Profiles

When you ask Detroit-based portrait, editorial, and advertising photographer Jenny Risher what makes her work unique, she starts talking about banana pudding.Huh?© Jenny Risher“To be a really successful photographer you need to have something that sets you apart from the competition; something that makes your work unique,” she says.But what’s that got to do with banana pudding?“It’s something I tell my fashion photography students: If you want to be noticed you have to... Continue Reading >

Photographer Tessa Dóniga translates “breakfast”

August 2019 issue News

When translated literally, what does the word “breakfast” mean? That’s the question bilingual Spanish photographer Tessa Dóniga answers with humor in her series “Break/fast,” a collaborative project with art journal Polpettas. “When I try to translate some words to one language from another, I question myself,” she says. “My challenge was to set in one image both terms [‘break’ and ‘fast’] in a visual composition that would be recognizable to the viewer.”The... Continue Reading >

10 nuggets of business wisdom from photographer Tim Wallace

6.25.2019 Business

Tim Wallace has 43 cameras, including his first, a Ricoh KR-10 that he bought as a teenager, as well as his father’s and grandfather’s cameras. He still uses them all. Specializing in commercial photography of prestige transportation—particularly high-end automobiles—Wallace has a 12x14-foot room crammed with equipment, he says. “Because of the type of work I do, there’s loads of stands, bungies, straps, and clips,” plus lighting rigs. By his calculation, all of this production... Continue Reading >

Tim Wallace: Making a photography career out of car lust

July 2019 issue Profiles

© Tim WallaceAfter he was laid off in 2006, Tim Wallace traded in his silver Audi A4. Approaching his 40th birthday, the unemployed corporate manager of data network systems decided to return to photography, his initial career and first love. He sat down with a notepad at the dining table in his northeast England home to brainstorm a plan. “By dinnertime I hadn’t written anything down and was very caffeinated,” he says. “A bit twitchy, but I could still hold a pen.”For five days... Continue Reading >

Liquid assets: Martin Wonnacott’s beverage photography

July 2019 issue Profiles

Passing through security at Los Angelles International Airport, Martin Wonnacott opened his shiny Zero Halliburton camera case to give the TSA agent a glimpse at the two Leica SLR bodies and assorted lenses he was carrying. “OK,” she said as Wonnacott snapped shut the case. Pointing at the other identical Zero Halliburton case, she asked, “And what’s in that one?”Because he’d been through this many times before, Wonnacott paused, cracked a wry smile, and answered,... Continue Reading >

Francesco Tonelli’s deliciously different food photography

March 2019 issue Profiles

“Every time I look through your work,” I tell food photographer Francesco Tonelli, “I have the same reaction.”“What’s that?” he asks as he sits in the gleaming production kitchen of his four-story, 4,250-square-foot combined home and photography studio in Edgewater, New Jersey.Francesco Tonelli © Francesco Tonelli“I start salivating,” I tell him. “And then my stomach starts growling.”The Italian-born photographer lets out a hearty laugh. “Thank you. That’s... Continue Reading >