Camera review: Nikon Z 6 System

March 2019 issue Tech

Having had a Nikon Z 6 on loan for an extended period, I’m reluctant to return it. While no single camera is the perfect answer for every photographer in every situation, this one addresses many of my needs, and, I think, would probably address many of yours.I was sorely tempted to purchase a Nikon D5 as my next upgrade, but its weight, cost,  somewhat undersized 20.8-megapixel sensor, and sound level deterred me. The Nikon Z 6 solves these issues while providing nearly all the benefits of... Continue Reading >

Review: Canon EOS R mirrorless camera

February 2019 issue Tech

Change is not always a gradual evolution. Sometimes it’s more like an earthquake. For photographers, the seismic shift to full-frame mirrorless digital camera systems began in 2013. That was after Sony acquired Minolta’s photography division and built the first-generation Alpha 7 around the Exmor CMOS sensor. Now Canon, with its EOS R system, and Nikon, with its Z system, have stepped in. These cameras mark a turning point for professional photographers. Not only are they smaller and... Continue Reading >

Pocket cinema: A look at the DJI Osmo Pocket Camera

February 2019 issue Tech

Beyond the novelty of being a petite stabilized video camera, the DJI Osmo Pocket offers a string of surprisingly nifty functions. DJI makes the most of the Osmo’s three-axis stabilizer with features like Active Track that follows the subject of your choice, Face Track to keep a face in the center of the frame as you shoot, and FPV mode, which uses the gimbal’s position to follow your point of view.© Courtesy DJIOther creative options: Shoot 3x3 or 180-degree panoramas, make... Continue Reading >

Zeiss ZX1 mirrorless camera promises intuitive action

January 2019 issue Tech

Zeiss intends its ZX1 to become a seamless extension of your creative mind, from shooting to editing to sharing. Start with the ergonomics of the body and a high-performance 35mm Zeiss Distagon lens. Add a quiet leaf shutter in a mirrorless system and a full-frame 37.4-megapixel CMOS sensor.Zeiss promises you won’t get mired in complex menus with its intuitive navigation system that appears on a 4.3-inch display. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is integrated into the camera, allowing you to... Continue Reading >

Nikon announces new full-frame mirrorless cameras, new lens line

8.23.2018 Tech

Nikon has introduced two full-frame mirrorless cameras: the 24.5-megapixel Z 6, a body optimized for high speed and low light performance, and the high-resolution 45.7-megapixel Z 7. Both bodies are nearly identical in appearance, slightly smaller in width than a full-size speedlight is tall and only slightly taller than the same speedlight is wide. What's remarkable is how thin the body is except for the grip. The bodies are dominated on the front by the new 55mm diameter Z- bayonet lens mount... Continue Reading >

Straightforward: Sigma SD Quattro H Review

April 2018 issue Tech

At a time when major manufacturers seem to be packing every conceivable function into their camera bodies, it’s refreshing that one company is producing a camera with extremely high resolution, simple operation, and a competitive price. The company is Sigma, and the camera is the Sigma sd Quattro H. What it does, it does extremely well, and what it does not do, you may not need. Indeed, its simplicity and ease of use remind me of the days of shooting with 35mm film.UNCONVENTIONAL... Continue Reading >

Camera review: Speed and resolution are a winning combo in the Sony a7R III

12.20.2017 Tech

When I said that Sony made what could be one of the most exciting announcements in April 2017 when the company introduced the Sony a9. I had no idea that Sony would raise the bar for mirrorless cameras again as they did in November with the release of the Sony a7R III—a camera that blends features and performance of the a7R II and the a9. © COURTESY SONYI had the opportunity to spend time using the camera in New York City and in the beautiful Red Rock Country of Sedona, Arizona,... Continue Reading >

Camera review: Nikon D850

December 2017 issue Tech

Was there ever any doubt that the Nikon D850 was going to be a great camera? The specs tell part of the story: a 45.7-megapixel back-side illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor, 4K Ultra HD video, a tilting touch-sensitive screen, Nikon’s best autofocus system, great color, highlight peaking indicators, built-in focus shift, electronic front-curtain shutter, and I could go on. But what makes it a great photographer’s camera, beyond the technical specs, even beyond image quality, is that it’s fun... Continue Reading >

Review: PolarPro Cinema Series filters

10.25.2017 Tech

Drone videos have come a long way. Just a few years ago, warped, shaky, low-altitude drone video was so new it was mind blowing. Times have changed.Today, drone operators are able to capture stunning, stabilized aerial videos with camera systems that get better with each new drone that hits the market. If you want a piece of this action, you’ll want to consider purchasing a set of neutral density (ND) filters to add to your drone’s carrying case.Videos are simply large collections of... Continue Reading >