Like Butter: Cecilia Camera Bags

12.7.2018 News

With a nod to the spirit of exploration, the new lineup of Cecilia camera backpacks and messenger bags are named for cartographers. Cecilia is an American company with a 160-year heritage in the leather industry, which shows in the quality of the quality materials used in its products.The Tharp Camera Messenger Bag ($149, shown above) in cotton canvas has the kind of supple leather you typically see in luxury handbags and other high-end products. The color is a warm charcoal gray with brown... Continue Reading >

Review: Think Tank updates its Retro bag

9.20.2018 News

Life as a working photographer seemed simpler 30 years ago. For most of us, labs processed our color film and filters were something we put on the front of our lenses. Like a lot of my contemporaries back then I used the simple and sturdy canvas Domke camera bag. Over 24 years of using them I wore out three before switching over to the wheeled cases and backpacks made by Think Tank Photo. A few years ago, I started thinking about all the gear I was talking myself into carrying and went back to... Continue Reading >

SpiderPro V2 makes shooting from the hip better

3.1.2018 Tech

Spider Holster has released a new version of its SpiderPro camera holster, which was first introduced in 2009. The SpiderPro V2 adds anti-slip rubber grips to the plates that attach to the bottom of the camera or lens collar and a stainless steel anti-twist pin. The SpiderPro V2 Plate is designed to work with any tripod. The SpiderPro V2 Belt design is easily adjusted for size and comfort, fitting waist sizes from 28 to 50 inches.The SpiderPro Single Camera System V2 is $150; the Dual Camera... Continue Reading >

Hard protection: Zarges K424 XC case

1.23.2017 Tech

When you work on location, you want your gear to get there in one piece. For the most part when photographers think “hard equipment case” they envision thick-walled molded plastic cases. Zarges Tubesca, an aluminum products manufacturer in Germany, makes aluminum cases that are light, stack securely, and offer secure gear protection.© Courtesy Zarges I was introduced to Zarges in the mid 1980s by business owners who regularly packed and moved rare and delicate objects. I like the... Continue Reading >

Pack, shoulder, sling, and more gear bags for pros

January 2017 issue Business

When you’re searching for the best way to carry your gear, first consider what’s on your schedule for the day and think about what you need to have with you. Are you taking an invigorating creativity walk with your mirrorless? Are you traveling for two weeks overseas? Are you photographing a wedding? Are you taking portraits in the park?I’ve tried out three bags over the past month and put them to real-world use.DOMKE F-803Tiffen produced a Domke line exclusively for Best Buy, and... Continue Reading >

SpiderHolster launches new gear for mirrorless and small DSLR cameras

10.18.2016 Tech

SpiderHolster announced new entries in its line of products introduced through Kickstarter: the new SpiderLight Holster and Plate, SpiderLight Single Camera System, and SpiderLight BackPack Adaptor. By using Kickstarter, SpiderHolster essentially allows consumers an opportunity to pre-order a product at a significant discount on the anticipated retail price.The SpiderLight Holster and Plate are designed for mirrorless cameras and small DSLRs. Lightweight and durable, the SpiderLight Holster... Continue Reading >

Manfrotto Introduces Advanced Rear Backpack

3.23.2016 News

© COURTESY MANFROTTOManfrotto has announced the launch of the Advanced Rear Backpack (MB MA-BP-R), a versatile bag that can be used as a camera backpack, a laptop backpack or as a protective camera case. The lower part of the bag is designed for photographic equipment and safely holds a professional DSLR camera body with up to three lenses, thanks to the renowned Manfrotto Protection System. The zipper of the camera compartment is hidden on the backside of the backpack close to the body,... Continue Reading >