Michelle Valberg Answers the Call of the Wild

August 2020 issue Profiles

Wildlife photography Adventuring in her Native Canada and BeyondMichelle Valberg was out for dinner with girlfriends, politely listening to them discuss shoes and clothes, when, after about 30 minutes of idle fashion talk, she couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Can we just change the subject a little bit?” she piped up. “Can I tell you that I just swam with narwhals? Can we just get off the shoe topic and maybe talk narwhal for a second?”Photographer Michelle Valberg © Michelle... Continue Reading >

How Photographers Are Pioneering the New Normal

August 2020 issue Business

COVID-19 Restrictions Challenge Photographers to be resilient What does it look like to own a photography business while practicing social distancing or complying with stay-at-home mandates? And when those mandates are lifted, what’s the new reality? We’re all in uncharted territory. Many photographers have been adapting  and re-envisioning their business. In June, I asked five photographers to describe their experience as business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic.BEN SHIRK © Shirk... Continue Reading >

How to Please the Impossible to Please

July 2020 issue Business

Everyone has expectations, and they carry those assumptions into every situation. Expectations that are reasonable to one person may be utterly absurd to another. Still, photographers, like all small businesspeople, need to manage clients’ expectations to build good working relationships and provide a positive customer experience.Marc Gordon, speaker, marketing consultant, and internationally recognized expert on customer experiences, says that managing expectations begins with... Continue Reading >

Q&A: How have you kept busy during the coronavirus lockdown?

June 2020 issue News

As the pandemic began sweeping through the United States in March, photographers were forced to pause sessions to prevent the virus’ spread. But that doesn’t mean anyone stopped working. In the first month of the new nationwide stay-at-home norm, Professional Photographer checked in with PPA members to see how they were coping and what they were doing to keep busy, continue learning, and remain relevant during this unprecedented crisis.© Courtesy Kira Derryberry Kira DerryberryKira... Continue Reading >

Muñoz Photography: The Family Business

June 2020 issue Profiles

When the Muñoz brothers—Tom, Mario, Armando, and Marceliano—say photography is in their blood, they’re not just using a turn of phrase. Photography is literally in their blood line.“We’re fourth-generation photographers. Our great-grandfather started a photography business in Cuba over a century ago,” says Tom, 37, as he sits with his brother Mario in their Fort Lauderdale, Florida, studio, Muñoz Photography. “Then my grandfather Tomas continued it and came to Miami in 1961,... Continue Reading >

Closed for Social Distancing but Open For Opportunity

June 2020 issue Profiles

Use This Time to RevampAs I write this, it’s the end of March, and the world is upside down. While I’m staying very busy with business projects during the pandemic lockdown, I don’t know when my husband, Michael Taylor, M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., and I will get back to working with clients. But I do know we can control how we make that transition when the time comes.We’ve all seen stores close temporarily for renovation. They sacrifice revenue for a fixed amount of time, and when... Continue Reading >

Product review: Gnarbox Portable Drive

May 2020 issue Tech

For photographers on location, our most valuable assets are memory cards holding newly created media. Those images and videos are irreplaceable, so protecting them is key. That used to mean bringing along a laptop or writing to two cards in-camera. Not anymore.The Gnarbox 2.0 SSD is a portable drive that allows you to back up and verify your files in the field without a laptop. It’s about the size of a smartphone and weighs less than a pound. Two new key features debuted with version... Continue Reading >

What’s Your Emotional IQ?

May 2020 issue Business

In many people’s view, emotions and business should be completely divorced, as if a cold, analytical viewpoint is necessarily more productive. But that ignores the fundamental way human beings interact. Emotions are part of life and part of doing business, and they provide valuable clues for how to better serve clients.Corina Walsh of Shift People Development is an author, speaker, coach, and certified emotional intelligence assessor. She’s spent more than 500 hours working alongside... Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Stay Productive and Inspired During Lockdown

4.14.2020 Business

Photographer Shane Anderson shares tips for maintaining focus and creativity© Shane Anderson Shane Anderson is a fashion and editorial photographer in New York.We’re all looking for ways to be productive during the coronavirus lockdown. Photographers in particular face a challenge working from home with little to no face-to-face contact with clients. How do you stay inspired? How do you stay on task?New York-based fashion and editorial photographer Shane Anderson has been taking on... Continue Reading >

Remote Portraits for the Pandemic Age

4.7.2020 Business

Social distancing hasn’t stopped Stephanie Saujon© Stephanie Saujon Stephanie Saujon has found an innovative way to connect with clients and earn a bit of income during the pandemic lockdown.How, in this challenging time of sheltering in place, can you continue photographing portraits? You get creative. That’s what Denver-based Stephanie Saujon did when she found herself unable to travel and sequestered indoors, like most of her La Photographie Boudoir clients.Originally from... Continue Reading >