3 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Never Skip


Running a small business is filled with essential to-dos, some of which are simply mechanical, administrative functions we'd rather just let slide now and then. But there are three things successful entrepreneurs never skip, according to author and business expert Dave Ramsey. Contracts: A contract won’t protect you from a lawsuit. It won’t save you the grief of having the occasional problem client. A contract is a communication between you and your client that documents a common... Continue Reading >

How Diaja carved a path to conceptual photography success

March 2020 issue Profiles

Unfailing confidenceCeres Henry was walking with a friend in Harlem one day three years ago when they passed by the recently opened X Gallery. Henry, artistically known as Diaja, was then a fledgling photographer and told her friend, “Let me just pop in and see.”“The curator [Lisa DuBois] was there, and I just walked up and said, How can I get my work into this gallery?” Diaja didn’t have her portfolio with her but showed DuBois some of her images on Instagram. “And she was... Continue Reading >

How to be habitually motivated

March 2020 issue Business

If only the intensity of our desire and motivations could create the reality we yearn for. Sadly, we can’t go the gym, work out for 8 hours, and get into shape. We can’t study diligently for a week to become accomplished photographers.Author Simon Sinek has a wonderful 3-minute video that explains why we can’t reach most goals through intensity alone. What it takes to attain the things that are really important to us, he notes, is consistency. Bit by bit and over and over we just have... Continue Reading >

Stay motivated for the long run

March 2020 issue Business

“I like to think of goals as dreams you have with deadlines attached.”It’s a pleasant image from Jonathan Robinson, a psychotherapist, author, and professional speaker who specializes in teaching people how to improve their focus, memory, and communication skills. Robinson, who appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” numerous times and has been published in USA Today, Newsweek, and the The Los Angeles Times, believes that to be successful in business, you need to find what’s draining... Continue Reading >

Steve Heroux: Be a success by believing in your worth

March 2020 issue Business

Change one thing and charge more moneyThere are many talented photographers. What separates the photographers with high rates and good sales from those struggling to make ends meet? In many cases, it’s not the quality of the photography. And it may not be the actual sales tech-niques, either—at least not entirely.Steve HerouxUNDERLYING BELIEF SYSTEMProfessional sales trainer and speaker Steve Heroux has trained thousands of salespeople on what he considers the right way to be... Continue Reading >

President’s message: Start today

March 2020 issue Business

PPA President Gregory Daniel     ©Tim Kelly and Kyla Renee PaintingsMy wish for each of you is to live your best life in this amazing profession. I cannot think of another occupation that provides such a wonderful lifestyle while giving so much joy not only to your clients but to yourself and your family as well. Photography provides endless opportunities for creating meaningful and lasting relationships with your clients. The more you invest in their successes, dreams, and legacies, the... Continue Reading >

Great clients are made, not found

January 2020 issue Business

Does it ever feel like other studios are blessed with amazing, loyal, high-spending clients while you’re struggling with price shoppers and noncommittal customers? It doesn’t have to be that way, says Steve Saporito, a Melbourne, Australia-based photography consultant and educator.He’s also an Imaging USA 2020 speaker who has taught thousands of photographers how to find abundance in today’s photography market. He posits that the gap between high-performing studios and everyone else... Continue Reading >

Small space, big business

January 2020 issue Business

Run a profitable business of any sizeWhen Marnie Clagett, CPP, opened her studio in 2009, the term “studio” was a bit of a stretch—to be more precise, it was a bit of a squeeze. Clagett worked out of a snug 110-square-foot room in her home in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, using the space as a camera room, a presentation and consultation area, and eventually a shared office when her husband joined the business full time.Clagett would ultimately purchase a live-work space in her town’s... Continue Reading >

5 ways to activate gratitude each day

December 2019 issue Business

No doubt about it: Gratitude is good for you. It has the power to improve your physical health, mental strength, energy level, sleep, and self-esteem. So says brain training expert Jim Kwik, who will deliver the opening keynote at Imaging USA 2020. Practicing gratitude on the daily enables you to better serve your clients and manage your business. Here are are five daily actions to rev up your gratitude.  Continue Reading >

How to focus on what really matters

December 2019 issue Business

We live in an amazing time. There is so much information at our fingertips, all the time. Photographers have access to a seemingly endless library of resources to build their businesses, perfect their processes, and hone their craft.But it can get overwhelming—quickly. There is so much out there, so many new tools and solutions and options, that even the savviest student of the digital economy can suffer from information overload. And even if you can process all this data, how do you apply... Continue Reading >