Create a Brand that Resonates

July 2020 issue Business

A Different Kind of DifferentFor a long time, there’s been a movement around differentiation. The idea is that being different helps distinguish you in the market, which can perhaps make you more successful. Well-intentioned business experts have created volumes, courses, webinars, keynote speeches, articles, books, and videos—all teaching people how to be different.Then everyone took the advice and everyone’s different became the same.So if we’re all different in the same way,... Continue Reading >

Branding: How to Build a Strategic Pyramid to Solidify your Identity

April 2020 issue Business

In virtually any consumer market segment, a good brand is critical to success. Unfortunately, many photographers have let their brand develop organically without any strategic intent. As a result, their business identity floats adrift without purposeful guidance. This is what branding expert Karen Tiber Leland of Sterling Marketing Group calls “brand by default.” The consultant and author of “The Brand Mapping Strategy” (Entrepreneur Press) explains that too many photographers let their... Continue Reading >

President’s Message: Develop Your Brand

April 2020 issue Business

© Tim Kelly and Kyla Renee Paintings PPA President Gregory DanielMany years ago, during a long-term goal planning session, my wife, Lesa, and I recognized that our focus on being a general purpose, mom-and-pop studio needed to change. We determined that growth in the 21st century would depend on elevating our images to the level of fine art. As a result of our changed target, we developed a new business model and plan that would transform our studio over the next several years. This... Continue Reading >

Great clients are made, not found

January 2020 issue Business

Does it ever feel like other studios are blessed with amazing, loyal, high-spending clients while you’re struggling with price shoppers and noncommittal customers? It doesn’t have to be that way, says Steve Saporito, a Melbourne, Australia-based photography consultant and educator.He’s also an Imaging USA 2020 speaker who has taught thousands of photographers how to find abundance in today’s photography market. He posits that the gap between high-performing studios and everyone else... Continue Reading >

Branding: Be the opposite of normal

September 2019 issue Business

Before he was the Man in the Yellow Tux, Jesse Cole worked for a college summer baseball team in Gastonia, North Carolina. It was one of the worst baseball organizations in the country: About 200 fans showed up at each game, the team had $268 in the bank, and the organization was losing more than $100,000 a year.Cole thought hard about the business he was in. Was it baseball? No, not really. More than baseball, per se, people wanted to be entertained. And that’s where Cole and the team had... Continue Reading >

Consumer-centric marketing for photographers

July 2019 issue Business

Name youR heroFor 30 years, Glynns Thomas built her reputation as a marketing all-star while working for some of the world’s best-known advertising agencies. Her accounts included Hilton Hotels, Princess Cruises, American Airlines, Infiniti Motors, and Bank of America, to name a few. Today, she teaches her favorite corporate advertising strategies to small business owners while running her own small business focused on headshot and branding photography.This dual experience has allowed... Continue Reading >

10 nuggets of business wisdom from photographer Tim Wallace

6.25.2019 Business

Tim Wallace has 43 cameras, including his first, a Ricoh KR-10 that he bought as a teenager, as well as his father’s and grandfather’s cameras. He still uses them all. Specializing in commercial photography of prestige transportation—particularly high-end automobiles—Wallace has a 12x14-foot room crammed with equipment, he says. “Because of the type of work I do, there’s loads of stands, bungies, straps, and clips,” plus lighting rigs. By his calculation, all of this production... Continue Reading >

How to build a brand personality

July 2019 issue Profiles

Regardless of industry, most people who provide a service struggle to stand out from the crowd. Almost every detail of a business can be copied—and often is—by someone else so one provider ends up looking like the next … and the next … and the next.© George DeLoache George DeLoacheGeorge DeLoache, M.Photog., CPP, knows this reality all too well. Early in his career, he struggled to find a foothold in the photography industry. He was drowning in a sea of sameness, just another... Continue Reading >

How Lisa Holloway cultivated a high-end client base

May 2019 issue Profiles

Recognized as one of the premier portrait artists serving metro Las Vegas, Lisa Holloway’s business runs off of an enthusiastic client base and strong referrals in an affluent market. Her portrait sales averages are well into the five figures. It took courage to make her way to this enviable place in her career.Holloway started out like a lot of portrait photographers who build a business through trial and error, and she experienced many of the same frustrations as any fledgling... Continue Reading >