A Singular Voice: Nathan McCreery’s Landscapes Are Personal

November 2020 issue Profiles

Amarillo, Texas, 1991. Nathan McCreery, M.Photog., is killing time in a bookstore waiting for a movie to start at the nearby theater.He has years of professional practice under his belt, having covered the spectrum from commercial photography to weddings and portraits. A book by Bruce Barnbaum catches his eye. In fact, the book, “Visual Symphony: A Photographic Work in Four Movements,” triggers something in McCreery. In it, he recognizes image creation at a level that’s entirely... Continue Reading >

Top Winners in Garden Photo Competition

July 2020 issue News

Anne MacIntyre's white-on-white "Ethereal Cosmos" won first place in the 2020 Black & White Photo Project competition, a subsection of the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition and exhibition. Photographer Alan Price won second place, and Allan Wright won third.  “Ethereal Cosmos” by Anne MacIntyre (above) PHOTOGRAPHER’S NOTE: “After having recently painted my summerhouse white, I decided to capture these delicate cosmos flowers, creating the vivid white tones of... Continue Reading >

Matilde Simas Is Called to Listen to Survivors

June 2020 issue Profiles

While documenting daily life on a self-assigned photography trip to Myanmar, Matilde Simas found herself in a nunnery filled with 200 children. “I was completely confused as to why I was in a nunnery and there were so many little children,” she says. Then she learned the awful truth: Parents were dropping off their children in a desperate attempt to shield them from human trafficking.© Matilde Simas “Photography is a powerful tool to create awareness, but we have to be aware that we... Continue Reading >

Photographer Steve Fiehl documents New York City shelter life

September 2019 issue News

We see homeless people on the street but rarely do we learn their particular stories. Steve Fiehl’s personal project “Resilient Souls” gave him the opportunity to hear and share stories of these individuals via portraits and documentary photographs he made at New York City’s The Bowery Mission. The images, with quotes from the portrait subjects, were exhibited at the International Center of Photography in June.The Bowery Mission often turns away photographers who ask to make images of... Continue Reading >

International Photography Hall of Fame names 2019 inductees

July 2019 issue News

National Geographic assignment photographer and marine biologist Paul Nicklen captured this image of a grizzly bear surfacing  from salmon fishing in the Fishing Branch River in Yukon, Canada. He is one of eight photographers to be inducted into the class of 2019 Photography Hall of Fame by the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum. The other honorees include Bruce Davidson (social/civil rights photographer), Elliott Erwitt (advertising/documentary photographer), Ralph Gibson (art... Continue Reading >

Veteran photographer Adger Cowans is still learning at 81

June 2018 issue Profiles

Sitting in his packed-to-the-gills apartment/studio in Bridgeport, Connecticut, photographer Adger Cowans smiles as he launches into a story from what he calls his distant past. Legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland had summoned him to her office for an assignment. Cowans, who is 81 but looks a decade younger, punctuates his story with spirited hand gestures, darting eyebrows, and the occasional high-octane chuckle.© Mark Lee Blackshear“This was in the 1960s, and she had seen an... Continue Reading >

Photographer composes music to accompany prints

June 2018 issue News

© Ralph GibsonSOUNDS LIKE A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHIf a photograph had a melody, what would it be?Renowned art photographer Ralph Gibson wrestled with the answer to that question for his project recently exhibited at Galerie Thierry Bigaignon in Paris. Gibson, who characterizes himself as a career photographer and “passionately devoted amateur” musician, composed 15 pieces of music to accompany 15 of his silver gelatin prints. To listen to each piece, visitors simply held up their mobile... Continue Reading >

Adger Cowans explores the art of water and light

5.25.2018 News

Good luck asking veteran photographer Adger Cowans, 81, how he produces his much-praised water and light series of personal art photographs. “People always ask me that,” says Cowans, smiling as if to signal he’s happy to deflect the question. Then, after a lengthy pause, he adds, “They wonder if I put oil or mercury on the water or somehow manipulate the photographs.”© Adger Cowans“Well?” asks a visitor to his Bridgeport, Connecticut studio. “Do you?”“Heck no!”... Continue Reading >