Review: Westcott X-Drop Portable Backdrop

November 2020 issue Tech

Working on location, we often prioritize our gear based on how much we can carry. Westcott’s X-Drop Portable Backdrop System helps lighten the scales by offering a compact, portable backdrop that delivers professional results.For this review, I tested the X-Drop stand and two wrinkle-resistant backdrops. Made from lightweight aluminum and weighing 3.5 pounds, the stand has a tripod-like base that holds three poles. Five telescoping poles with hooks on the end hold the backdrop taut.©... Continue Reading >

Photographers should be cautious about using murals as backdrops

February 2020 issue Business

Colorful murals in urban settings are tempting backdrops for photography, and they’re certainly popular with clients. But if you make a photo of a client or product in front of a public mural without the artist’s permission, is that copyright infringement? A recent court case involving Mercedes and several Detroit muralists addressed that question. The Mercedes G500 problemIn the months leading up to the 2018 North American International Auto Show, Mercedes planned an Instagram campaign... Continue Reading >

Flag etiquette for photography sessions

June 2018 issue Business

While the United States Flag Code is federal law, penalties for failure to comply are not enforced. That doesn’t give photographers free reign to treat the Stars and Stripes as a typical backdrop. One solution for clients who want to incorporate an American flag in their session is red, white, and blue bunting (with blue up and red down). If you do plan to include the flag in a session, be wary of the Flag Code no-nos.© Professional Photographers of America Continue Reading >