Video raised the bar for this commercial photographer

October 2017 issue Profiles

The addition of "Motion" was exactly what John Sterling Ruth’s clients wantedCalling John Sterling Ruth a perpetual motion machine may be an exaggeration. But it’s a small one.Standing in his massive, 4,000-square foot commercial studio, which he renovated from a 200-year-old barn he rescued in 1995, he explains he’s been hard to pin down for an interview because of his work and travel schedule. “I’ve been called a workaholic, and I suppose I can’t deny that,” the 50-year-old... Continue Reading >

Driving sales

April 2016 issue Profiles

Alison Miniter’s successful sidelineAfter a long hiatus from professional photography, Alison Miniter, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, wanted back in the game. Having attended photography school in the 1980s, she worked in photography for a number of years before leaving her career to raise her children. By the mid-2000s, with four kids who no longer needed her full-time attention, Miniter was ready to return. But how? And in what capacity? As often happens, personal and professional interests combined... Continue Reading >