How Andy Frame brokered his way into real estate photography

July 2018 issue Profiles

South Florida-based photographer Andy Frame has just completed shooting two real estate assignments and is on his way to a third—a multimillion-dollar waterfront condo near Miami. I’ve joined him for the afternoon to see him in action, and we’re chatting about how he got his start and eventually flourished in the demanding business of real estate and architectural photography.As Frame, 48, weaves his Volkswagen Jetta through crazy-fast I-95 traffic, he recalls the day nearly a decade... Continue Reading >

Aerial photography gives a lofty perspective on cities

April 2018 issue News

Los Angeles and New York from aboveLong transfixed by the view from the air (he got his pilot’s license when he was just 17), Jeffrey Milstein’s new photobook “LANY” features aerial imagery of edifices in Los Angeles and New York. Reflecting his background in architecture and art, Milstein’s compositions reveal the order and beauty of architectural forms from a bird’s-eye view.  ©Jeffrey MilsteinThe aircraft: Milstein makes his photos from either a Cessna 182 airplane or a... Continue Reading >

Symmetry in the city: A photo diary of New York edifices

August 2017 issue News

Jan. 7, 2016, fine art photographer Edi Chen committed herself to a 366 project: photographing the symmetry of New York edifices. Having recently moved to Brooklyn from Beijing, Chen was fascinated by the architecture of the city and wanted an ongoing project that would honor the beauty around her.“When I look back, I feel like it’s a diary of New York City because it records every day of life for me,” she says of the series, “Balance.” Lots of photographers commit to daily photo... Continue Reading >

Master Builder

October 2015 issue Profiles

Understanding the industry he covers gives Randy Van Duinen a solid foundationFrom the moment he first picked up a camera, Randy Van Duinen, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, wanted to photograph architecture. His early pictures highlighted buildings and architectural lines, and he demonstrated an aptitude for portraying different types of spaces.That aptitude led to a job in a Grand Rapids, Michigan, studio that specialized in photographing office furniture. On large-scale, custom-built sets, Van Duinen... Continue Reading >