Alex Timmermans’ journey into wet plate collodion photography

October 2017 issue Profiles

It happens all the time. We read a book, imagining the characters a certain way—the color of their hair, their height and mannerisms, the register of their voice—and then the book is made into a movie and none of the actors align with our vision. “I found the book more interesting than the film,” we say. It’s the same with photographs, explains Alex Timmermans.Timmermans abandoned digital photography in 2009 for the slower and more challenging wet plate collodion process that was... Continue Reading >

Three photographers win $30,000 Catchlight fellowships

July 2017 issue News

Three photographers received the first annual CatchLight Fellowship—a $30,000 grant for thought-provoking photography projects intended to further social good. More than 300 photographers applied for the grants, submitting portfolios, project proposal essays, and letters of recommendation, as well as participating in an interview process. They also were required to identify a partner organization they’d like to team up with on their proposed projects. © Tomas van HoutryveSarah... Continue Reading >

How to sell infrared photography to wedding and portrait clients

May 2017 issue Business

Back in the days of film, infrared photography was a complicated undertaking and therefore rarely used outside of scientific and fine art applications. The advent of digital imaging allowed photographers to convert standard digital cameras affordably and see on-camera histograms easily, which opened up possibilities for more widespread use of infrared. Today, photographers looking to offer something unusual to clients might find this alternative process an appealing option.Laurie Klein is one... Continue Reading >

The story behind this Greg Anderson image

April 2017 issue News

© Greg AndersonGreg Anderson has made portraits of participants in the National Beard and Mustache Championships for five consecutive years. (Read more about his portraiture success in our April 2017 profile.) In 2016 he decided to change things up by using an old-fashioned photographic technique, tintype. Here's how it went:“I’ve been photographing the National Beard and Mustache Championships for the past four years, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to travel to Nashville in 2016... Continue Reading >

Light painting: The art, science, and business

9.26.2016 Business

Sweeping illuminationIn my 42 years as a professional photographer, nothing has excited me more about image making than the technique of painting with light. Though it originated with film, digital light painting provides a level of control over the image not possible with any other method, taking a number of long exposures of a subject in a darkened area using continuous light and then blending those exposures in Photoshop.© John HartmanBecause they're composed of many separate... Continue Reading >

Magical communion

February 2016 issue Profiles

Terri Gold unveils a common humanityOne friend told her she was crazy; another said she was insane. Others were even less kind. “I didn’t really blame them for telling me I was nutty to travel to Niger in West Africa in 2014,” says Manhattan-based Terri Gold. “After all, Ebola had recently broken out [in West  Africa] and the U.S. State Department was warning against traveling to much of the country.” The Peace Corps and other NGOs had already pulled out of Niger due to threats from... Continue Reading >