Master of the Skies: Jason Hawkes Shares His Aerial View

October 2020 issue Profiles

Jason Hawkes never photographs while standing on the ground. At least not professionally. For more than 20 years, he’s plied his trade from the sky, dangling out of helicopters while creating breathtaking images from perspectives few people ever experience themselves.Based near London and known globally for his aerial photography, Hawkes has traveled from New York to Norway, Miami to Morocco, capturing scenes of people, places, and progress for a wide range of commercial and editorial... Continue Reading >

Product Review: DJI Drone Smart Controller

May 2020 issue Tech

Sunlight: The bane of vampires and drone pilots trying to capture photographs using the dimly lit screen of a smartphone or tablet. Enter the DJI Smart Controller, the fusion of a remote controller and a sunlight-readable built-in display. With a hefty price tag of $749, it might be easy to disregard the Smart Controller, but to do so could be a mistake considering the number of potential must-have features it includes.© Courtesy DJIKEY FEATURESDJI says the Smart Controller boasts a... Continue Reading >

Dream job: Sailing race photographer

July 2018 issue Business

Sea ChaseCompetitive sailing is a rare photography niche, but for Sharon Green, who grew up sailing on Lake Ontario in Canada, it fits like a glove.Green’s father sailed around the world when he was a young man and passed along his love of the sport to Green, who sailed competitively in her early teens. In high school, she became interested in photography, attending a summer program at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity led by an Ansel Adams protégé. Soon after, she trained her... Continue Reading >

360-degree aerial series reimagines Barcelona’s sights

June 2018 issue News

Tourist areas are reimagined as tiny globes in Bruno Alencastro’s 360-degree aerial series. The Brazil-based photographer created the photos during a recent stint living in Barcelona, Spain.Inspiration: Alencastro lived by the famed Sagrada Familia church, where he witnessed on a daily basis countless tourists snapping the same photos of the site. He was driven to produce something unique, and he enjoyed the result so much that he repeated the process in other tourist areas. Equipment and... Continue Reading >

Aerial photography gives a lofty perspective on cities

April 2018 issue News

Los Angeles and New York from aboveLong transfixed by the view from the air (he got his pilot’s license when he was just 17), Jeffrey Milstein’s new photobook “LANY” features aerial imagery of edifices in Los Angeles and New York. Reflecting his background in architecture and art, Milstein’s compositions reveal the order and beauty of architectural forms from a bird’s-eye view.  ©Jeffrey MilsteinThe aircraft: Milstein makes his photos from either a Cessna 182 airplane or a... Continue Reading >

Weather photography leaps forward

3.19.2018 News

Our ability to track and predict storms, hurricanes, and other environmental developments is leaping into the future.Positioned 22,300 miles above Earth, a second Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) for monitoring the Western Hemisphere will send Earth images, weather conditions, and environmental data back to ground control. Built for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) weather-monitoring mission and launched March 1, the Geostationary Operational Environmental... Continue Reading >

Aerial photography transforms South African terrain into abstract art

July 2017 issue News

To create his third aerial series, New York-based Zack Seckler traveled to South Africa, where he teamed up with a local pilot to photograph abstract images of the country’s diverse terrain and roaming fauna. Here’s what we learned about the logistics of Seckler’s project:How did you find the pilot?There were a lot of options I looked at, from different types of planes to helicopters, and I was trying to figure out, with the terrain, what the best option would be that would cover the... Continue Reading >

FAA Releases New Rules for Small Drone Operation

6.21.2016 News

The FAA has released its long-awaited new rules for small drone operations. These regulations apply to the use of any unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) weighing less than 55 pounds for any reasons other than for hobby or recreational purposes. The rules, of course, apply to operating small drones as a part of your photography business. They'll take effect in August. As expected, the finalized rules are very similar to those proposed by the FAA in February. According to the new rules, you'll no... Continue Reading >