World’s Greatest Action and Adventure Sports Photography


World’s Greatest Action and Adventure Sports Photography
The camera was mounted onto the plane's wing with a special articulated mount that I made myself. I prepared the frame and settings of the camera before we took off. I then took the picture with a wireless remote release and right after the shot we all jumped together.

The annual Red Bull Illume Image Quest action and adventure sports photography contest attracts some of the highest caliber and most creative photographers in the world, with 34,624 image entries from 120 countries in 2016. These artists go all out to access thrilling, visually stunning, heart-rate-increasing locations and situations. Red Bull Illume 2016 revealed their 55 best action and adventure photographs, including 11 category winners and one overall winner, on Sept. 28. Take a look some of our favorites here, and view the complete results on the Red Bull Illume site.   

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