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How Photographers Are Pioneering the New Normal

August 2020 issue Business

…than ever before. Go find your new winning combination. Betsy Finn is a portrait artist and owner of Betsy’s Photography in Dexter, Michigan. Continue >

Product review: Gnarbox Portable Drive

May 2020 issue Tech

…risk of corruption. © Betsy Finn Gnarbox apps Safekeep and Selects are available as free downloads from your app store. OPERATION Let me run you through the basics of operation. To turn on the Gnarbox, follow the onscreen directions. I appreciate this reminder, as I forgot once or twice how… Continue >

3 iPad Apps for In-person Sales

April 2020 issue Business

…no one else can access pricing configuration areas. $39.99 Betsy Finn, M.Photog.Cr., is a portrait photographer in Dexter, Michigan. Continue >

A Light Box and Portable Studio for Portrait Photographers

April 2020 issue Tech

…for non-commercial photographers. © Betsy Finn Magnets on the flaps hold the unit in its assembled position. Hook-and-loop fasteners hold one of two backdrops in place. In the April 2020 print edition of Professional Photographer, we mistakenly referred to Orangemonkie, the company that produces the Foldio3, as Colormonkie in some… Continue >

Product review: N-Vu sales platform

February 2020 issue Tech

…or subscribe to an annual plan (starting at $149/year). Betsy Finn, M.Photog.Cr., is a portrait artist in Dexter, Michigan. Continue >

Product review: Westcott FJ400 Strobe and FJ-X2M Trigger

January 2020 issue Tech

…all three areas. © Betsy Finn I noticed no color temperature variance across any of my images. The best part is the trigger’s compatibility with many cameras so you’re not locked into a brand or model. The FJ400 strobe and the FJ-X2m trigger are TTL and HSS compatible with models… Continue >

Clothing designs with photographers in mind

April 2019 issue Tech

…a lens cap? © Betsy Finn I’ve done both. But that was before I heard about Scottevest clothing. The company has a wide selection of coats, vests, shirts, and pants. These aren’t unisex options, either. Scottevest has attire designed in men’s and women’s styles, including dresses, and even men’s suit… Continue >

Review: PortraitPro 18 Studio Max

February 2019 issue Tech

…Edit in PortraitPro…). © Betsy Finn To see the extent of PortraitPro 18 editing potential, compare the original image (top left) to the one with a background added (top right), makeup added (bottom left), and facial sculpting (bottom right), which is best left for instances where the client requests it.… Continue >

Cord free: Interfit Badger Unleashed wireless strobe

January 2019 issue Tech

…I was intrigued. © BETSY FINN Before my first trial run, I fully charged the batteries, which takes 90 minutes. I put the batteries into the Badger Unleashed units, turned them on to make sure they worked, and tested them with a client a few hours later. If you know… Continue >

Pro review: Cactus V6 II wireless flash trigger

11.25.2018 Tech

…all my problems. © Betsy Finn Shooting with high-speed sync allows you to control ambient light and have a shallow depth of field. This exposure was made using a Nikon SB-800 AF Speedlight at 1/16 power and -1/3 EV, and is 1/1,250 second at f/5, ISO 100. FEATURES The full… Continue >