Review: Wedding Wiz is a capable online assistant

June 2018 issue

Review: Wedding Wiz is a capable online assistant

Do you cringe at the amount of time involved in collecting day-of information from wedding clients? Whether your nightmare involves illegible handwriting, blurry phone photos, or repeated reminders to clients, you’re not alone. We may have entered the business to create beautiful images, but much of our time is consumed by the administrative aspects of our business.

In testing, I found that Wedding Wiz has a clean, simple admin interface. It displays upcoming weddings and important status details for each client: whether the questionnaire has been sent to the client, if the client completed it, and if their wedding day schedule is complete. A sidebar shows menu options based on the screen you have loaded. For example, for upcoming weddings there’s Add New Wedding, Upcoming Weddings, and Archived Weddings. Another key feature of Wedding Wiz is automated messages and reminders to clients, which saves you precious time.Here’s a fix. Wedding Wiz promises to take on the exhaustive task of collecting information from your busy clients. This subscription-based online service is designed to securely collect important client information: contact details, wedding day timeline, and much more.

The client-side questionnaire is similarly straightforward. The emails you send clients through Wedding Wiz look professional and include a direct link to their questionnaire. The form thoughtfully includes both Save and Submit buttons so that the client can enter details in stages. Once the client submits the form, it can’t be edited.

To understand how it works in real-world workflows, I spoke with two photographers who made the switch to Wedding Wiz: Collin Richie, a 14-year wedding veteran who books 50 to 60 weddings a year, and Courtney Robertson, an eight-year wedding veteran who averages 15 weddings a year.

Clients enter info about their wedding at their own pace.

Richie explained his previous method of fill-in PDF worksheets. “[It] was a disaster half the time, often leaving me scrambling to decode handwriting or begging for a document the morning of a wedding,” he says. Since switching to Wedding Wiz, “Our clients get an easy-to-use portal, reminders, clear and concise questions that help me plan with my staff.”

Robertson had a similar story: Before using Wedding Wiz she emailed clients a list of questions, but often worried about forgotten details.

“Wedding Wiz allows me to have all of my client information in one place,” Robertson says, “their wedding date, wedding party details, scheduling, shot requests, and even maps of the locations for their day. I can also send this information to other vendors so it’s effective for networking and communicating with them as well. It’s made my pre-wedding process so much easier.”

Richie and Robertson have received positive feedback about Wedding Wiz from their clients and discovered that other vendors working the wedding appreciate having access to a clear schedule, too.

 As a time saver, Wedding Wiz delivers. The service has saved Richie time and freed him from having to hold clients’ hands through the planning process. “I set up their portal, reminders, and walk away. The week of the wedding, I log in, print, and review,” Richie explains, “No more searching through archived emails, text messages, et cetera. It’s a one-stop shop.”

Clients are prompted with a reminder if their information is incomplete.

When Robertson learned about Wedding Wiz at PPA’s Imaging USA convention, she says, “It immediately grabbed my attention and stood out as something that wasn’t readily available on the market already. The site looks professional, works easily, and really helps my clients feel secure in their choice of me as their photographer.”

Bottom line? Both Richie and Robertson have found Wedding Wiz improves time management, helps clients, and offers peace of mind. “Of all the things we spend thousands of dollars on, we often forget to spend $15 on our own sanity,” Richie notes, adding, “The client still feels like they’re getting a high-end concierge-type experience.”

Wedding Wiz offers a practical service for photographers, whether you have a high-volume business or you photograph weddings on a limited scale. While exploring the Wedding Wiz interface, I had no complaints. The questionnaire displays well on various web browsers and devices. Despite its simplicity, Wedding Wiz provides an extraordinarily detailed questionnaire that should make any photographer’s life easier.

You can create a Wedding Wiz account for free to try it out, with no credit card needed. After the 30-day trial period, you can continue using it by opting into one of two subscription options: $15 per month or $144 per year.

Betsy Finn is a portrait photographer in Michigan and owner of Betsy’s Photography.

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