Quick look: Virtual reality camera

May 2019 issue

Quick look: Virtual reality camera

180 and 360 degrees

© Courtesy Human Eyes

The Vuze XR from HumanEyes is a dual 2D 360 and 3D 180 virtual reality camera. Its dual lens design can capture 2D 360-degree views as well as stereoscopic 3D VR180 video. Still captures are 18 megapixels, and video capture is 5.7K 30fps.

You can make captures with the camera that allow clients to literally look around and see what it’s like to be in your studio or on location during a shoot. Wearing 3D goggles or glasses (or even inexpensive cardboard mounts), viewers can get an even deeper experience with the camera’s stereoscopic captures.

The Vuze XR mobile app allows you to share and live stream to mobile phones, computers, social networks VR headsets, and more. Video editing can be done with the app or with Vuze’s desktop editing software. $439

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