Multi-lens innovation

January 2016 issue

Multi-lens innovation

A new kind of camera

At first glance, a sleek glass front with 16 lens apertures looks odd, but once you understand the insides of the Light L16 Camera, you’ll see its potential begin to shine. This is a new type of instrument—a multi-aperture computational camera—that’s an all-in-one camera,  zoom, and three primes that fits in your pocket.

There are 16 camera modules at three focal lengths: 35mm, 70mm, and 150mm. These use a structure called folded optics. Light comes into the aperture, hits the mirror, and travels down the lens, which is laid horizontally inside the camera.

Compose your image on the back of the camera using pinch and zoom gestures. Then, based on the field of view of that composition, multiple lenses (up to 10) will take photographs, which are combined by the computational imaging algorithms into one best image with up to 52 megapixels of resolution.

The Light L16 will be able to capture up to 4K video and HDR, and it includes GPS and an accelerometer. Reserve a Light L16 Camera now for anticipated delivery in late summer. $1,699

Joan Sherwood is the senior editor of Professional Photographer.

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