Simple slideshow maker appeals to photographers and clients

9.8.2017 Tech

…delivers up to 1,000 slideshows for $32 a month. Betsy Finn, owner of Betsy’s Photography, is a portrait photographer in Michigan. Continue >

Better and better: AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR lens review

July 2017 issue Tech

…a critical shot. © Betsy Finn The background shows a creamy bokeh in this image taken at minimum focus distance for 1/200 second f/2.8, ISO 200. Nikon decreased the minimum focus distance from 4.6 feet to 3.6 feet, which will be a boon for wedding and event photographers, or anyone… Continue >

Product review: Vivid-Pix image restoration software outperforms Lightroom

June 2017 issue Tech

…image as is. © Betsy Finn Though it won’t remove dust and scratches, Restore can do a quick fix on faded slides, improving contrast and brightness based on your selection of nine variables. I compared how well each program adjusted a photo to the results I got by using basic… Continue >

8 email marketing options for your business

4.21.2017 Business

…1,000 subscribers: $22; 2,500 subscribers: $33; 5,000 subscribers: $55) Betsy Finn owns Betsy’s Photography portrait studio in Michigan. Continue >

Best practices for backing up images

12.26.2016 Tech

…protect your creative life’s work before it’s too late. Betsy Finn is a portrait photographer with a studio in Michigan. Continue >

4 Image backup strategies

11.22.2016 Tech

…studio is robbed, you’ll be saved by off-site backup. Betsy Finn is a photographer in Michigan. Continue >

Bring a mini studio to your client

November 2016 issue Business

…wood floor (white). © Betsy Finn Instead of wanting to run all around in the studio, children were drawn to the Little Studio space. This is the modern damask backdrop. Any of the 42-inch backdrops can be ordered in one of three materials: art canvas backdrop, matte vinyl backdrop, or… Continue >

Super Soft Silver and Natural White Make a Difference

8.25.2016 Tech

©BETSY FINN What makes Rogue’s reflector stand out from others on the market is the quality of their super soft silver fabric. Rogue designed the muted silver side material to produce a bright fill light while eliminating hot spots. The super soft silver fabric is bright but not as harsh… Continue >

Xara Web Designer 365 Makes It Easy

7.29.2016 Tech

…$49.99, and Xara Web Designer 365 Premium is $99.99. Betsy Finn, M.Photog.,Cr. is a Michigan portrait photographer. Continue >

Start painting

June 2016 issue Tech

…the source image). © Betsy Finn I prepared my source image by bumping up the color saturation and simplifying the background by removing a chair. In the auto-painting panels I primarily used Underpainting, Auto-Painting, and Clone Source. To bump up the saturation, change the contrast, or make general adjustments to… Continue >