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February 2016 issue

Medium format

updatable platform

The Phase One XF Camera System is engineered to be not only the best medium-format camera technology but also to be flexible, expandable, and updatable so that it can evolve as technology improves.

Already it has added focus confirmation through OneTouch UI and full focus control in a Waist Level Finder workflow. It now has Seismographic Vibration Delay to ensure utter camera stillness at the moment of capture. And you can use Capture One Pro to calibrate and store perfect hyperfocal points for each of your lenses.

Consider the recent introduction of three new Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses, and you begin to see Phase One’s vision of a system that expands, adapts, and improves with time. Built to a robust quality standard, the 55mm LS f/2.8, 80mm LS f/2.8, and 150mm LS f/3.5 lenses’ serial numbers will be stored in firmware to support individual lens calibration and integration with future camera advances.

The new A-series IQ3 digital back system is also compatible with the XF Camera System.

The XF Camera System price begins at $40,990.

Joan Sherwood is the senior editor of Professional Photographer.

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