Master time management with Andrew Mellen


Master time management with Andrew Mellen

You Have Time, You Need Priorities

If you're ready to master time management, Andrew Mellen, “The Most Organized Man in America,” has some tips to get you on the right track. It's not about working more hours; it's about managing your priorities.

In the video "You Have Time, You Need Priorities," he delves into a number of topics photographers will relate to:

  • What makes some people so more productive than others? (Hint: It's not the number of hours they work.)
  • There are simple, practical steps that will allow you to create priorities and stick with them.
  • Minor tweaks can turn into major improvements on your productivity.
You have time, you need priorities video with Andrew Mellen

Andrew Mellen is a TV morning-show favorite, bringing tips to American viewers on how to organize their time, businesses, and homes. He's is the author of the popular book, "Unstuff Your Life." For over 12 years, Mellen has been speaking, training, and entertaining audiences from corporate CEOs, bankers and attorneys to teachers, parents and artists.

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