Flight of fancy

February 2016 issue

Flight of fancy

Compositing dreamy abodes

© Matthias Jung

Matthias Jung’s “Surreal Houses” series is inspired by the imaginative architectural collages he puzzled together as a child. To create his dream homes, Jung melds several layers of images featuring various buildings, landscapes, and objects.

“Expedition to the East Pole” (right) includes a German swamp near the Baltic Sea as background and a fantastical house composited from images of two buildings in the nearby town of Greifswald. Using images from a single region lends authenticity, says Jung. And a photo of his grandmother’s old tea warmer stitched to the building’s underbelly adds whimsy.

An earth-bound home? Boring, he says. “This was my first flying house. I was a little astonished that this works, as there are no wings or a visible power unit.”

The human mind creates a coherent world out of such a confusing array of sensations and memories, Jung says. “Working with collages gives me the chance to consciously follow this process. I take pieces of reality, combine them, and watch as my inner self tries to make meaningful connections.”

Amanda Arnold is the associate editor of Professional Photographer.

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