Classic Carry: Cecilia Camera Straps


Classic Carry: Cecilia Camera Straps

You can see the precision quality craftsmanship in Cecilia camera straps at first glance. The strong, even stitching, and the quality of the leather and wool speak of a product that will last. A strap this well made comes from a culmination of experience in leather manufacturing. Though founded in 2013, Cecilia's heritage dates back to 1898 with the Cromwell Leather Group, and it is a fifth-generation family-run business.

We tried out two straps: the Black Leather Mirrorless Camera Strap and the Charcoal Baby Alpaca Wool and Black Leather Camera Strap, which is suitable for DSLRs, mirrorless, or medium-format cameras.

Black Leather Mirrorless Camera Strap
Black Leather Mirrorless Camera Strap


The mirrorless strap is made with a soft, supple leather, but the double layer across the top combines to create a firm, durable 14.5-inch section to lay across your neck or shoulder. The strap is strong with very little give but still provides a pleasing, tactile feel.

The wool and leather strap has a lovely tight weave pattern that looks safe from catching on other photography gear. The wool is soft, not scratchy, though it's not fuzzy either. Over time with wear the fibers might loosen and gain a little depth.

The hardware details have not been overlooked, with metal sliders and keepers coated in a matte black that is subtle and attractive. On the mirrorless strap, the end rings are cushioned with a round of leather to prevent scratches to your camera.

The wool is sourced from Peru and the leather is full-grain Argentinian cowhide. Nylon webbing in the interior of the strap reinforces the strength, and the packaging states it as a 250-pound (113kg) tensile strength material.

The biggest caveat I can see for these straps is their maximum length, which is adjustable to 52 inches for the DSLR model and 50 inches for the mirrorless. Though that length is fine for most individuals, it could be shorter than desired depending on your chest circumference or height as well as how you prefer to wear a camera.

The Black Leather Mirrorless Camera Strap is $72, and the Charcoal Baby Alpaca Wool and Black Leather Camera Strap sells for $94. Cecilia also makes device sleeves and restick leather skins for laptops, tablets, and phones. They list full-grain leather camera backpacks and messenger bags as products that will be added soon.

Joan Sherwood is the senior editor of Professional Photographer.

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