Bridging the gap between photographers and consumers

September 2018 issue

Bridging the gap between photographers and consumers

Your favorite photography event has upped the ante. Imaging USA 2019, slated to kick off in Atlanta in January, promises to break new ground. Along with the blockbuster educational programming and epic parties for which PPA’s annual convention has long been known, unique programming will debut that promises to help photographers better connect with consumers.

Unique new programming

PPA has embarked on an initiative to help bridge the gap between professional photographers and consumers. Distinct from traditional (and always relevant) business education, gap programs will focus on educating photographer entrepreneurs about the ever-changing expectations of clients and how to address consumer needs. They also coach photographers on such topics as the importance of a positive mindset and the necessity of taking responsibility for one's own success regardless of outside forces.

Imaging USA 2019 will introduce this special track with the goal of helping photographers embrace their position as small business owners who produce valued products for consumers. Some of the topics on the agenda:

  • Amping up commitment and creating super fans by Brant Menswar
  • Selling to different generations by Jeff Fromm
  • Growing your business in any economy by Mike Michalowicz
  • Being irresistable by speaking your customers’ language by Jeffrey Shaw
  • Words for influence and impact by Phil M. Jones
  • What you can learn from Beyonce by Michael Barber
  • Avoiding sales sabotage by Jeffrey Dachowski & Allison Tyler Jones
  • Going from $3K to $30K a month by Steve Saporita
  • To be rich, embrace risk by Megan DiPiero

This educational track joins the business, technical, and inspirational programs that have benefited thousands of attendees over many decades.  

In addition to regular programming, PPA has amped up the keynote quotient with two special speakers for 2019: Scott Stratten and Judi Holler.

Registration is open and details are available on the Imaging USA website.

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