Ask the experts: multiple websites

September 2015 issue

Ask the experts: multiple websites

Q. I do both fine art and event photography. From a marketing standpoint, is it better to have a separate website for each specialty or should I keep a single cohesive website with galleries of both types of my work?

A. A good question to ask yourself when debating a marketing question is, Who is my client? In this scenario, a client looking for fine-art photography doesn’t want to see table shots from your most recent event work. These two types of photography are worlds apart in approach and technique so it would be confusing to the client if they were both included on a single site. The same holds true for other photographic specialties, such as a family portrait photographer who also does boudoir photography or the wedding photographer who wants to segue into babies and kid portraits. If the two product lines appeal to very different clients or the type and style of the work is very specialized, creating a separate site will brand you as an expert in that area rather than watering down the message.

Allison Tyler Jones, CPP, Allison Tyler Jones Photography Inc.

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