A story to tell

March 2016 issue

A story to tell

Member Anne Geddes advocates for PPA

Photography icon Anne Geddes is spending 2016 inspiring peers at PPA. Geddes, a PPA member since 1997 and a recipient of PPA’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009, came to PPA’s Atlanta headquarters to speak about passion, dedication, confidence, and how it all relates to telling a successful photographic story. Her PPA “red chair” video debuted online this month and focuses on the importance of photographic copyright.

PPA: What is it that makes you passionate about what you do?

Geddes: Storytelling photography is my passion … and I love what I do. But when you’re passionate about something, it’s hard work and you live it every day. Most people remember my first shot of the two babies in the cabbages. That photo came about because I dedicated an entire, uninterrupted week to the shoot where I reported in to no one and could be creative.

PPA: What do you tell photographers is the secret to success?

Geddes: Find their own style that comes from their heart, and don’t copy people. If you explore subjects you’re passionate about, the rest will follow. Finding your own style is speaking about the things that are important to you through your camera. That’s what you are as a photographer.

My career happened over 30 years, and it’s still continuing to evolve. … Keep stretching yourself and keep looking at new horizons. Be a little afraid before you start something.

UPDATE: April 3, 2017

Legislation is currently being drafted that will be a game changer for photographers' copyrights. Learn more by signing up for the PPA Grassroots Action Team.

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