How to sell infrared photography to wedding and portrait clients

May 2017 issue Business

Back in the days of film, infrared photography was a complicated undertaking and therefore rarely used outside of scientific and fine art applications. The advent of digital imaging allowed photographers to convert standard digital cameras affordably and see on-camera histograms easily, which opened up possibilities for more widespread use of infrared. Today, photographers looking to offer something unusual to clients might find this alternative process an appealing option.Laurie Klein is one... Continue Reading >

Weddings with a Rocky view

February 2017 issue Profiles

Darren Roberts is miles from where he started—and sometimes miles from anywhere. That’s entirely the point.Roberts, an erstwhile neuroscience student, was on the brink of a career in dentistry when he had a change of heart. “I just didn’t think I’d enjoy it,” he says. So he pulled up his roots in Saskatchewan, Canada, and relocated to Calgary, on the edge of the picturesque Canadian Rockies.Roberts enrolled in photography school, which had a heavy commercial focus. From the... Continue Reading >

How to do drone photography

November 2016 issue Business

IN ON THE GROUND FLOORAerial photographer Parker Gyokeres first started experimenting with drone photography as a public affairs photojournalist in the U.S. Air Force. On assignment to document various operations, Gyokeres often wanted to get more elevated perspectives, but he couldn’t get high enough with a ladder or on a building.So Gyokeres started building drones by modifying early remote aircraft to serve as airborne platforms for his camera. Back then in the mid-2000s, Gyokeres and... Continue Reading >

Print-and-go portraits are crowd pleasers

10.14.2016 Business

makING on-site printing payDave Stana, Cr.Photog., CPP, of Frisco, Texas, and Bill Vahrenkamp, Cr. Photog., of Mansfield, Texas, want to show fellow photographers a pathway to more profits using the skills and equipment they already possess. On-site printing, they say, is something consumers want and will pay for.The key, notes Stana, is providing high-quality images that clients would expect from a custom portrait session or wedding booking, with the addition of a take-home product... Continue Reading >

Building a better life

September 2016 issue Business

Saying yes to specialization and to print productsAmber Henry needed to make a change, not just in her business but also in her life. A single mom struggling through a difficult job at a large franchise portrait studio, she didn’t have enough of anything—time, money, flexibility, or inspiration. Deep down, she knew what she loved. She just didn’t know how to create an occupation and a life around it.SituationHenry started working with the franchise studio in 2004. She was 21 years... Continue Reading >


June 2016 issue News

Tragedy and RESTORATION at the roof of the worldIn 2013, Charleton Churchill put out a call for adventurous souls. Two years later, in 2015, he planned to trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp to shoot a stylized wedding somewhere around 18,000 feet. A willing couple signed on, several corporate sponsors provided equipment, and Churchill set about planning the wedding shoot of a lifetime.In the spring of 2015, Churchill and his subjects began their trek to Base Camp. On April 25, at about 11,000... Continue Reading >

Ask the experts: Build a network

April 2016 issue Business

Q. My business is very new, and I’m looking for ways to grow beyond the few clients I already have. People who have hired me have all said they’ll tell people about me, but so far that hasn’t translated into actual referrals. I’m at the point where I won’t get new customers without some marketing, and I don’t want to waste time with ineffective marketing efforts. I need some advice.A. The most effective marketing is still word of mouth, and there are a ton of people you can... Continue Reading >