Video raised the bar for this commercial photographer

October 2017 issue Profiles

The addition of "Motion" was exactly what John Sterling Ruth’s clients wantedCalling John Sterling Ruth a perpetual motion machine may be an exaggeration. But it’s a small one.Standing in his massive, 4,000-square foot commercial studio, which he renovated from a 200-year-old barn he rescued in 1995, he explains he’s been hard to pin down for an interview because of his work and travel schedule. “I’ve been called a workaholic, and I suppose I can’t deny that,” the 50-year-old... Continue Reading >

Weddings in motion

September 2015 issue Profiles

Victoria Grech began her journey into professional photography like so many people bitten by the shutterbug: She discovered the magic of capturing a great photograph. Straight out of school, the London-based Grech passed up an opportunity to take over her family’s fashion business and instead went into investment banking. For nine years, she worked in the business of making money until a vacation to Kenya changed her perspective. To take better photos on the trip, she purchased a digital SLR... Continue Reading >