For this travel photographer, success is a soulful face

November 2017 issue Profiles

David Lazar's journey into countenanceThe girl with the green eyes is my favorite,” says travel photographer David Lazar.  He was in a rural village in Bangladesh when he noticed the girl—emerald eyes, emerald shirt, “a great face,” he says. By a stroke of luck, she and her friends approached him—this often happens to Lazar on his travels—asking what brought him to their tiny village. The sun was setting, so it was too late to capture a portrait. “I said, ‘You have really nice... Continue Reading >

Magical communion

February 2016 issue Profiles

Terri Gold unveils a common humanityOne friend told her she was crazy; another said she was insane. Others were even less kind. “I didn’t really blame them for telling me I was nutty to travel to Niger in West Africa in 2014,” says Manhattan-based Terri Gold. “After all, Ebola had recently broken out [in West  Africa] and the U.S. State Department was warning against traveling to much of the country.” The Peace Corps and other NGOs had already pulled out of Niger due to threats from... Continue Reading >