Landscape photographer traded her apartment for the open road

June 2017 issue Business

We’ve all heard stories of people selling their belongings and taking to the open road on an indefinite adventure. What’s that like? We asked landscape photographer Mandy Lea about her experience traveling the nation’s parks in her teardrop camper.What inspired you to go on this indefinite journey?I was working in Austin, Texas, at a camera store, and I was running the education department. It was very 9 to 5, and I would freelance outside the store. I was very overworked. It consumed... Continue Reading >

Beast on deck: Photography at sea

2.15.2017 News

A Canon, fish-gutty gloves, and seawater: All in a day's work for Joel WoodsThough he considers himself more fisherman than photographer, Joel Woods has made countless images documenting working life on boats. Having spent 20 years earning a living on the sea, he’s learned hard lessons in life and photography, and he’s proved his talent for creative work that captures the hardships and danger inherent in commercial fishing.Woods’ photographs were recently featured in Yankee... Continue Reading >

World’s Greatest Action and Adventure Sports Photography

9.29.2016 News

The annual Red Bull Illume Image Quest action and adventure sports photography contest attracts some of the highest caliber and most creative photographers in the world, with 34,624 image entries from 120 countries in 2016. These artists go all out to access thrilling, visually stunning, heart-rate-increasing locations and situations. Red Bull Illume 2016 revealed their 55 best action and adventure photographs, including 11 category winners and one overall winner, on Sept. 28. Take a look some... Continue Reading >

Magical communion

February 2016 issue Profiles

Terri Gold unveils a common humanityOne friend told her she was crazy; another said she was insane. Others were even less kind. “I didn’t really blame them for telling me I was nutty to travel to Niger in West Africa in 2014,” says Manhattan-based Terri Gold. “After all, Ebola had recently broken out [in West  Africa] and the U.S. State Department was warning against traveling to much of the country.” The Peace Corps and other NGOs had already pulled out of Niger due to threats from... Continue Reading >