Stephen Green’s storybook photography career goes beyond baseball

July 2017 issue Profiles

High in a luxury stadium box, Cleveland’s basketball superstar LeBron James went crazy on national television, celebrating. Cleveland Indians’ Rajai Davis had just hit a three-run homer off the Chicago Cubs’ hitherto unhittable closer Aroldis Chapman. It was the eighth inning of the deciding game seven of Major League Baseball’s 2016 World Series, and it tied a game the Cubs had been leading since the first inning.Down in the photographers’ pit adjoining the Cubs’ dugout, veteran... Continue Reading >

Rock on

May 2016 issue Profiles

Michael Clark's career on the precipiceNot many people can say they’ve fallen into quicksand. Michael Clark can. “I’ve nearly died several times,” laughs the veteran adventure sports photographer, ticking off his near death experiences: “caught in an avalanche, hit by a beach-ball-sized falling rock, hit by a car on my road bike while training. There are all kinds of exciting days where photography has been the least of my worries.”The worst, though, was the frayed rope day.... Continue Reading >

75 years with the Green Bay Packers

May 2016 issue Profiles

When it comes to photographers and professional sports, perhaps no partnership has stood the test of time quite like the one between Jim and Vernon Biever and the Green Bay Packers. Combined, Jim and his late father, Vernon, have been with the team for 75 years, making some 500,000 photographs of Packers football moments. Quite a ride for father and son. "I appreciate every minute I'm there," Biever says. The journey began in 1941. Read "Family Dynasty" in our May 2016... Continue Reading >