The story behind this Robert Seale image

December 2016 issue News

Photographer: Robert SealeDate: March 15, 2011Location: Port Charlotte, FloridaSubject: Tampa Bay Rays All-Star Third Baseman Evan LongoriaCircumstances: A commission by Sports Illustrated for its baseball season preview issueCamera and lens: Canon EOS 1DS Mark III and Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 lens (at 35mm)Exposure: 1/250 second at f/13, ISO 100Lighting: Four Profoto Pro-7B strobesIn Seale's own words: “When taking portraits of athletes or corporate executives, whose schedules... Continue Reading >

World’s Greatest Action and Adventure Sports Photography

9.29.2016 News

The annual Red Bull Illume Image Quest action and adventure sports photography contest attracts some of the highest caliber and most creative photographers in the world, with 34,624 image entries from 120 countries in 2016. These artists go all out to access thrilling, visually stunning, heart-rate-increasing locations and situations. Red Bull Illume 2016 revealed their 55 best action and adventure photographs, including 11 category winners and one overall winner, on Sept. 28. Take a look some... Continue Reading >

Pumping up the volume

June 2016 issue Business

sports team photography augments portrait studio businessDavid Grupa, M.Photog.Cr., began his photography career back in high school. He had a little business photographing T-ball teams for the local rec league. He made some simple black-and-white prints, handed out 5x7s to the teams, and got about $50 in return. “I thought I was rich,” he laughs.Kirsten and David GrupaYears later, he would join the ranks of the full-time professionals when he opened a portrait business in... Continue Reading >

Rock on

May 2016 issue Profiles

Michael Clark's career on the precipiceNot many people can say they’ve fallen into quicksand. Michael Clark can. “I’ve nearly died several times,” laughs the veteran adventure sports photographer, ticking off his near death experiences: “caught in an avalanche, hit by a beach-ball-sized falling rock, hit by a car on my road bike while training. There are all kinds of exciting days where photography has been the least of my worries.”The worst, though, was the frayed rope day.... Continue Reading >

75 years with the Green Bay Packers

May 2016 issue Profiles

When it comes to photographers and professional sports, perhaps no partnership has stood the test of time quite like the one between Jim and Vernon Biever and the Green Bay Packers. Combined, Jim and his late father, Vernon, have been with the team for 75 years, making some 500,000 photographs of Packers football moments. Quite a ride for father and son. "I appreciate every minute I'm there," Biever says. The journey began in 1941. Read "Family Dynasty" in our May 2016... Continue Reading >

Outside, looking in

April 2016 issue Business

Gaining community and guidance to grow a businessTen years ago, Stacey Williams Dunse, CPP, launched her studio, Tailfeather Photography, in the small town of Webster, South Dakota. Situated in a rural patch of the state about two hours south of Fargo and five hours west of Minneapolis, Webster is home to fewer than 2,000 people. Dunse set herself up as the town’s do-it-all photographer and built a client base from the surrounding area. Business was growing, but she felt a few things were... Continue Reading >