PPA teams up with NYIP to offer CPP exam

May 2017 issue News

Students at the New York Institute of Photography now have a leg up on the competition when they graduate. NYIP has partnered with PPA to offer students the certified professional photographer designation. Photographers who study with NYIP now qualify to take the CPP exam and earn their certification. This is an exclusive partnership and the first time the CPP has been used as the qualifying standard by an institution such as NYIP.PPA’s CPP designation confirms to potential clients that a... Continue Reading >

Photo Competition Prep: A Fresh Look at the 12 Elements

3.24.2017 News

One of the most daunting sentences you can hear as a novice competitor in PPA's International Photographic Competition is “Entries are judged using the 12 elements of a merit image.” What are these 12 elements? Where can you find them? And most of all, what do they mean?If you’re new to image competition, it can feel like a game. It’s possible you have only a passing familiarity with the 12 elements of a merit image. Yes, the list is displayed at every image competition and a short... Continue Reading >

8 new rules for PPA’s International Photographic Competition 2017

3.15.2017 News

Know the new rules and deadlinesThanks to the efforts and participation of the PPA Board of Directors, members, volunteers, and staff, the International Photographic Competition has seen significant growth in the past few years, with upticks in entries, critiques, and overall image quality.IPC 2017 will include a number of rule changes:1. To increase efficiency, juror panels will be reduced from six to five members. In 2016, a six-juror panel judged each image, and the lowest score was... Continue Reading >

PPA seeks association artifacts for 150th anniversary

3.15.2017 News

Share your historic memorabiliaPlans are underway to commemorate and celebrate the 150th anniversary of Professional Photographers of America. The sesquicentennial occurs in 2019, at which time a number of projects will be unveiled.Do you own a piece of history from PPA—or perhaps even from its former names, the National Photographic Association and the Photographers Association of America? If you have historical artifacts, PPA wants to hear from you. These may include old newspaper... Continue Reading >

How to write a press release

March 2017 issue Business

Has your work won a district competition or been selected for the Loan Collection? Do you want to let your contacts know you’re now a certified professional photographer? PPA provides press release templates so you can share good news with your local community.The downloadable templates include the facts about your achievement and allow space for you to customize them with information about you and your studio. Once you complete a release, just email it to your local media, preferably to... Continue Reading >

Robert Freson honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

January 2017 issue News

This year PPA honors Robert Freson with its Lifetime Achievement Award. Freson has been a professional photographer for more than 60 years, making iconic photographs of countless famous figures—Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, Sophia Loren, Alfred Hitchcock, Dwight D. Eisenhower—as well as many noteworthy events, such as Winston Churchill’s funeral and the nuptials of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. In addition, he’s known for food photography (particularly for the successful book “The... Continue Reading >

Devastating data loss reveals a resource

January 2017 issue Business

The silver lining in a digital cloudMegan Drane thought she was being careful. She routinely backed up all her images on an external hard drive and also saved the past year’s worth of photographs on her laptop. It wasn’t the most redundant system a photographer could use, but for years it worked just fine.Then one day, in a split second, the entire system came crashing down—literally. Drane left her hard drive near the edge of a table, connected to a wall outlet via a power cord. As... Continue Reading >

Photographers share copyright infringement woes with lawmakers

12.8.2016 News

Does current copyright legislation always protect small creators like you? No. That’s why PPA is working so hard to have the professional photographer’s voice heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill.Yesterday PPA CEO David Trust moderated a Creative Rights Caucus lunch-and-learn event, “The Art of Photography: Behind the Lens,” which gave panelists and renowned professional photographers Anne Geddes, Michael Grecco, and Denis Reggie the opportunity to tell lawmakers their stories—how... Continue Reading >

Past PPA President Colbert Howell dies

12.6.2016 News

Colbert Howell, M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., died on Nov. 19, 2016. Howell served as president of PPA in 1993-94.Howell was born in Mapleton, North Carolina in 1941, and attended North Carolina State University, where he received a degree in industrial arts. After teaching woodworking for four years at a high school in Raleigh, North Carolina, Howell jumped into his true passion: professional photography. From 1960 to 1997, he thrived as a pro, making countless portraits and photographing... Continue Reading >

2016 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Ken Whitmire Dies

12.6.2016 News

He was known for his dedication to wall portraitsKen Whitmire, M.Photog.Cr., F-ASP, who was honored by PPA in 2016 with a Lifetime Achievement Award, has died. He was killed in an automobile accident in November while driving near his home in the Yakama, Washington, area.Whitmire was born in Bernice, Oklahoma, in 1930, attended the University of Washington, and entered the Navy School of Photography in 1949, where he trained in aerial and documentary photography. After graduating, he worked... Continue Reading >