What’s women’s work? Photo series challenges stereotypes

August 2017 issue News

A colleague introduced Chris Crisman to the subject of this portrait (above), which inspired his ongoing series “Women’s Work,” images of women on the job in male-dominated fields.“With a lot of jobs, like butcher and farmer—that archetypal blue-collar job—they photograph really well,” says Crisman. “But traditionally they’re all men.” He was intrigued by this subject’s story—that she’d left a graphic design career to train to become a butcher. And he realized he’d... Continue Reading >

Symmetry in the city: A photo diary of New York edifices

August 2017 issue News

Jan. 7, 2016, fine art photographer Edi Chen committed herself to a 366 project: photographing the symmetry of New York edifices. Having recently moved to Brooklyn from Beijing, Chen was fascinated by the architecture of the city and wanted an ongoing project that would honor the beauty around her.“When I look back, I feel like it’s a diary of New York City because it records every day of life for me,” she says of the series, “Balance.” Lots of photographers commit to daily photo... Continue Reading >

Face time

July 2016 issue Profiles

It was Dec. 1, 2015, and Joseph Anthony Lawrence needed to call his mom. It was her birthday. And she didn’t know—because he hadn’t had the heart to tell her—that he was in Syria again making more portraits of guerilla fighters. Given the war-torn climate and recent journalist kidnappings, she was understandably unnerved by his first trip to Syria and Iraq in March 2015, so he’d carefully told her, “I want to go back, but when I do, I’m not going to tell you guys. I’ll just let... Continue Reading >

Heritage forward

March 2016 issue News

A portrait of contemporary native American lifeWhen an elder asks you to return home to help the community, you want to do it, explains Matika Wilbur, whose roots are with the Tulalip and Swinomish Native American communities. That’s how the seasoned photographer who maintained a commercial studio in Seattle and a fine-art gallery in LaConner, Washington, added photography teacher to her resume. She’d never worked with kids before, she says. “But when I was asked to work at my tribal... Continue Reading >

A story in every face

August 2015 issue News

Portrait photographer Randy Bacon launched his 7 Billion Ones website in April. But the idea to create the website, which features the portraits and stories of everyday people facing adversity, has been brewing for a long time. “For years and years my whole approach with photography has been trying to show the unique qualities of people and through their portraits to connect with the idea that we are each one of a kind and we each matter and that we have these stories that not only affect... Continue Reading >

Flight of fancy

February 2016 issue News

Compositing dreamy abodes© Matthias JungMatthias Jung’s “Surreal Houses” series is inspired by the imaginative architectural collages he puzzled together as a child. To create his dream homes, Jung melds several layers of images featuring various buildings, landscapes, and objects.“Expedition to the East Pole” (right) includes a German swamp near the Baltic Sea as background and a fantastical house composited from images of two buildings in the nearby town of Greifswald.... Continue Reading >

In living color

November 2015 issue Profiles

Dean Bradshaw's real is more vivid than realityCommercial photographer Dean Bradshaw has just returned from Mongolia. He spent almost a month photographing traditional wrestling, horse racing, and archery competitions at the Naadam Festival and then traveled to the Russian border to capture portraits of Mongolian eagle hunters. Bradshaw’s client for this work: himself.He’s not selling these images, but he’ll include them in a gallery on his website, where they could excite an art... Continue Reading >

Gratitude Envisioned

September 2015 issue News

Photo book chronicles cancer and inspiration    An uplifting book about cancer? Sounds like challenge. And it’s what Bill Aron set out to create with his recently released “New Beginnings: The Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivors.” The book catalogues the portraits and stories of 120 people who heard the words “You have cancer” and experienced life-altering positive personal growth as a result.© Bill AronProfessional Photographer: What inspired the project?Bill Aron: I was... Continue Reading >