How to run a charitable marketing campaign

March 2017 issue Business

HOw to make Celebration of Smiles work for your businessMarketing is essential to building a healthy business, and there’s a wide array of vehicles that can carry a marketing message. One method is charitable marketing, which offers a best-of-both-worlds win-win opportunity by doing good for a philanthropic purpose while showing potential clients that you’re invested in a community or higher purpose beyond your own commercial interests.One of PPA Charities’ signature events,... Continue Reading >

Wall art with heart: A portrait approach that emphasizes prints

March 2017 issue Profiles

Crisp and clean in style yet snug and sweet in spirit, Meghan Doll’s baby and family portraiture isn’t fine art, she says. It’s “heart art.”People get hung up on what constitutes art and what’s appropriate for their walls, she explains. But ultimately what most parents want is something that makes them smile, that swells their hearts, and that reflects the love they feel for their children. “It’s different from fine art,” she says. “It has a different place in your life.... Continue Reading >

Giving back in smiles

August 2016 issue News

Family portrait month benefits PPA CharitiesPPA Charities’ Family Portrait Month encourages members to earmark a portion of their September family portrait earnings to PPA Charities’ fundraising efforts on behalf of Operation Smile, Dando Amor, and other philanthropic projects.Family Portrait Month works like this: Participating studios charge their usual rates for portrait sessions and donate all or some of the earnings from each session to PPA Charities. Clients receive a... Continue Reading >