10 Best drone practices

January 2017 issue Business

Groundwork for remote pilotsThere it is: Your spanking new Remote Pilot certificate from the FAA. You can now fly a drone and get paid for it! The potential is huge because low-altitude aerial photography can immediately differentiate your business. It invariably creates excitement among customers. The views from above are often breathtaking.Starting a drone business or adding a drone to your existing business has many similarities to starting a photography business. You have to find... Continue Reading >

Accidents happen: Insure your drone

10.6.2016 Business

Thanks to new regulations enacted this fall, it's now easier than ever to add drone photography to your business. But beyond passing the FAA's aeronautical knowledge test and being vetted by the TSA, you'll also need something else: insurance. Yes, even with a drone pilot certificate and countless hours operating your trusty flier, accidents happen, says Kristen Hartman, director of member value and experience at PPA. If your drone malfunctions and drops out of the sky onto a person or a... Continue Reading >

Protect your business

September 2015 issue News

You probably have insurance of some kind, but you and your business may not be as protected as you’d think. In addition to your photography gear, your business and personal assets need coverage, too. And that comes in the form of general liability insurance. It’s not just a good business idea: If you photograph weddings or events, be aware that most venues require photographers to carry general liability insurance.General liability insurance is different from the equipment or... Continue Reading >