Bird by bird: 5 tips for the avian photographer


Joe Campanellie's Journey into the Fine Art of birds My interest in avian photography was sparked accidentally. It was never my intention for it to become a body of work that would define me. In the beginning my goal was simply to take my camera out for a few long walks to decompress and renew the passion I’d lost for my life’s work. In the end it led to that and so much more. The passion was indeed rekindled and my spirit renewed.But as with anything in life that’s worth achieving,... Continue Reading >

Fine art photographer’s work omits one thing: the human face

April 2017 issue News

Nobody and anybodySo many photographers make the human visage central to their work that it’s striking to see a series that’s almost entirely face-less. Such is “Alterego” by New York-based photographer Ben Zank, whose subjects rarely reveal their faces, and when they do, they don’t make eye contact.“I used to shoot people’s faces often,” says Zank, “and I would say that when you shoot somebody’s face, you’re shooting their likeness, their personality, and that’s not... Continue Reading >

His story is untitled

October 2016 issue Profiles

What is Jerry Uelsmann up to with his photomontages? You’ll have to figure IT out yourselfAs he leads a visitor through his modernist Florida home and into his three-room photo studio that’s chockablock with cartoons (some naughty, some nice) pinned to the walls, shelf after shelf of antique cameras, assorted doll heads, offbeat toys, drawings from artist friends, witty posters, miscellaneous Victoriana, thousands of contact sheets, prints, and more flotsam and jetsam that’s washed up... Continue Reading >

Driving sales

April 2016 issue Profiles

Alison Miniter’s successful sidelineAfter a long hiatus from professional photography, Alison Miniter, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, wanted back in the game. Having attended photography school in the 1980s, she worked in photography for a number of years before leaving her career to raise her children. By the mid-2000s, with four kids who no longer needed her full-time attention, Miniter was ready to return. But how? And in what capacity? As often happens, personal and professional interests combined... Continue Reading >

Pro review: fine-art inkjet printer

March 2016 issue Tech

Canon imagePrograf Pro-1000The imagePrograf Pro-1000 is the first in Canon’s imagePrograf Pro Series of fine-art inkjet printers. It’s a step up in size and technology from the Pixma Pro-1, but it doesn’t have a roll feed option like the larger imagePrograf machines, and the maximum print size is 17x22 inches. The 80mL ink cartridges have more than twice the capacity of the Pro-1 inks and load into their own compartment, which runs the length of the front panel and is located beneath... Continue Reading >

The connected portrait

March 2016 issue Profiles

Arthur Levi Rainville reflects on five decades of artistryArthur Levi Rainville, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API,  has portrait photography in his blood. He grew up watching his father create portraits in their New England town, where generations of clients regarded him as a fixture in the community and the lives of their families. “He  wasn’t in it for the glory,” says Rainville. “His work never appeared in museums, but it appears on walls all around our town, and it’s priceless.”When... Continue Reading >

So fine

February 2016 issue Business

So you want to be an artistThe way many photographers are attempting to differentiate their work is to label it fine art. But Google “fine-art photography,” and you’ll see a plethora of images that may have little or nothing in common with each other. What is fine art? That’s a big question. Fine art is not a style, it’s not defined by subject matter or technique, and it differs around the world. I can’t give you a definitive description of what constitutes fine-art photography,... Continue Reading >

Flight of fancy

February 2016 issue News

Compositing dreamy abodes© Matthias JungMatthias Jung’s “Surreal Houses” series is inspired by the imaginative architectural collages he puzzled together as a child. To create his dream homes, Jung melds several layers of images featuring various buildings, landscapes, and objects.“Expedition to the East Pole” (right) includes a German swamp near the Baltic Sea as background and a fantastical house composited from images of two buildings in the nearby town of Greifswald.... Continue Reading >

Magical communion

February 2016 issue Profiles

Terri Gold unveils a common humanityOne friend told her she was crazy; another said she was insane. Others were even less kind. “I didn’t really blame them for telling me I was nutty to travel to Niger in West Africa in 2014,” says Manhattan-based Terri Gold. “After all, Ebola had recently broken out [in West  Africa] and the U.S. State Department was warning against traveling to much of the country.” The Peace Corps and other NGOs had already pulled out of Niger due to threats from... Continue Reading >