Aerial Milestone: DJI Phantom 4 Pro

6.26.2017 Tech

The Phantom 4 Pro drone introduces significant upgrades—a completely new camera, a new obstacle avoidance system, and more. This caught many people by surprise when it was introduced late last year.© Justin MooreWhen DJI introduced its Phantom 4, the price of having an obstacle avoidance system was a frustrating decrease in the drone’s speed when flying in the popular Position/GPS mode. DJI recognized this limitation and increased the Phantom 4 Pro’s top speed by 10 mph while... Continue Reading >

New product review: DJI Mavic Pro

April 2017 issue News

Ever heard of an aerial camera that shoots 4K video, folds down to the size of a water bottle, and can stay aloft for nearly 30 minutes? Until several months ago, no one had. In September 2016, drone maker DJI introduced the Mavic Pro and with it, a new genre of personal drones that are small, capable, and full of technology.You have to get your hands on a Mavic Pro before you can fully appreciate how compact it is. For your convenience, DJI offers a Fly More combo that features a small... Continue Reading >

High and mighty: DJI Phantom 4 review

September 2016 issue Tech

In March DJI introduced its Phantom 4 drone. In many ways, it’s a modest upgrade to the Phantom 3; however, major improvements can be seen in some key areas.To put these features to the test, I launched the Phantom 4 at Nani Falcone Park in San Antonio. After several flights, here’s what I learned.Camera and gimbal systemThe Phantom 4 inherits the Phantom 3’s stabilized, 12-megapixel Sony Exmor sensor camera but gets a new lens. The upgraded lens delivers an improvement in image... Continue Reading >