Robert Seale: Anatomy of an Image

December 2016 issue News

Photographer: Robert SealeDate: March 15, 2011Location: Port Charlotte, FloridaSubject: Tampa Bay Rays All-Star Third Baseman Evan LongoriaCircumstances: A commission by Sports Illustrated for its baseball season preview issueCamera and lens: Canon EOS 1DS Mark III and Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 lens (at 35mm)Exposure: 1/250 second at f/13, ISO 100Lighting: Four Profoto Pro-7B strobesIn Seale's own words: “When taking portraits of athletes or corporate executives, whose schedules... Continue Reading >

How to do drone photography

November 2016 issue Business

IN ON THE GROUND FLOORAerial photographer Parker Gyokeres first started experimenting with drone photography as a public affairs photojournalist in the U.S. Air Force. On assignment to document various operations, Gyokeres often wanted to get more elevated perspectives, but he couldn’t get high enough with a ladder or on a building.So Gyokeres started building drones by modifying early remote aircraft to serve as airborne platforms for his camera. Back then in the mid-2000s, Gyokeres and... Continue Reading >

Light painting: The art, science, and business

9.26.2016 Business

Sweeping illuminationIn my 42 years as a professional photographer, nothing has excited me more about image making than the technique of painting with light. Though it originated with film, digital light painting provides a level of control over the image not possible with any other method, taking a number of long exposures of a subject in a darkened area using continuous light and then blending those exposures in Photoshop.© John HartmanBecause they're composed of many separate... Continue Reading >

Face time

July 2016 issue Profiles

It was Dec. 1, 2015, and Joseph Anthony Lawrence needed to call his mom. It was her birthday. And she didn’t know—because he hadn’t had the heart to tell her—that he was in Syria again making more portraits of guerilla fighters. Given the war-torn climate and recent journalist kidnappings, she was understandably unnerved by his first trip to Syria and Iraq in March 2015, so he’d carefully told her, “I want to go back, but when I do, I’m not going to tell you guys. I’ll just let... Continue Reading >

Rock on

May 2016 issue Profiles

Michael Clark's career on the precipiceNot many people can say they’ve fallen into quicksand. Michael Clark can. “I’ve nearly died several times,” laughs the veteran adventure sports photographer, ticking off his near death experiences: “caught in an avalanche, hit by a beach-ball-sized falling rock, hit by a car on my road bike while training. There are all kinds of exciting days where photography has been the least of my worries.”The worst, though, was the frayed rope day.... Continue Reading >

In living color

November 2015 issue Profiles

Dean Bradshaw's real is more vivid than realityCommercial photographer Dean Bradshaw has just returned from Mongolia. He spent almost a month photographing traditional wrestling, horse racing, and archery competitions at the Naadam Festival and then traveled to the Russian border to capture portraits of Mongolian eagle hunters. Bradshaw’s client for this work: himself.He’s not selling these images, but he’ll include them in a gallery on his website, where they could excite an art... Continue Reading >