You’re not ready

July 2017 issue Business

Sounds like the perfect timeWhen my daughter started competing in triathlons, her biggest challenge of the swimming, running, cycling race was the swimming segment. She was a terrific swimmer—strong with efficient form—in the pool. But she’d never raced in open water. Moving fast while trying to maintain a straight line undefined by swimming lanes was disorienting and scary. The biggest lesson she learned from a seasoned pro: head down, keep moving, and look up occasionally. The best... Continue Reading >

The seeds that could save humanity

9.7.2016 News

Designed to survive any threat—failures of refrigeration, terrorism, explosions, rising sea levels, and the worst climate change predictions—the Global Seed Vault stands cached in the Arctic landscape of Plateau Mountain on an island in the Norwegian archipelego of Svalbard. In "Seeds on Ice: Svalbard and the Global Seed Vault," images by renowned Norwegian photographer Mari Tefre, National Geographic and Traveler photographer Jim Richardson, and author Cary Fowler, who led the initial... Continue Reading >