Best practices for backing up images

12.26.2016 News

Since the advent of digital cameras, photographers have been trying to figure out the best way to manage their images: where to store them, what format to use, and how to ensure a client’s image files aren't lost or corrupted.With film, it was important to store negatives securely. But with digital, you have to consider multiple methods of storage. Because technology can and will fail. The key to making sure your digital images are safe is having a protocol—a digital asset management... Continue Reading >

Devastating data loss reveals a resource

January 2017 issue Business

The silver lining in a digital cloudMegan Drane thought she was being careful. She routinely backed up all her images on an external hard drive and also saved the past year’s worth of photographs on her laptop. It wasn’t the most redundant system a photographer could use, but for years it worked just fine.Then one day, in a split second, the entire system came crashing down—literally. Drane left her hard drive near the edge of a table, connected to a wall outlet via a power cord. As... Continue Reading >

4 Image backup strategies

11.22.2016 News

Photographers get the cold sweats just thinking about it: losing thousands of images in a single moment. When the hard drive you use to store digital files fails, will you be prepared? Because hard drive failure is not a possibility, it's a likelihood. That’s why it’s essential to back up your digital files.Consider each of these four options, not independently of one another, but as combined methods to redundantly back up and protect your creative life’s work.1. Back up to a disc.... Continue Reading >