Sales: 5 ways photographers psych themselves out

9.6.2016 Business

1. I don’t live in a market where people spend that kind of money.I hear this one a lot! This was my biggest fear when I began selling artwork to my clients. All markets are different. But there are all sorts of people in your market and the surrounding area who value photography in different ways. There are people who will invest money in photographs. And sometimes you'll be surprised by who will spend money on photography and who won’t. It all comes down to how valuable the client feels... Continue Reading >

Editors’ picks: Wedding Albums and Books

November 2015 issue Tech

A taste of the latest in wedding albums and booksMiller’s Professional ImagingNew this season is Miller’s Signature Book, which features a lay-flat binding and a choice of matte or pearl press paper. The books are available with a fantastic selection of covers, including faux leathers, linens, and custom image, so you can offer a premium product that endures the test of time. And it’s price-friendly for clients. Add-ons such as boutique packaging and foil stamping are available as... Continue Reading >