Aerial photography transforms South African terrain into abstract art

July 2017 issue News

To create his third aerial series, New York-based Zack Seckler traveled to South Africa, where he teamed up with a local pilot to photograph abstract images of the country’s diverse terrain and roaming fauna. Here’s what we learned about the logistics of Seckler’s project:How did you find the pilot?There were a lot of options I looked at, from different types of planes to helicopters, and I was trying to figure out, with the terrain, what the best option would be that would cover the... Continue Reading >

New product review: DJI Mavic Pro

April 2017 issue News

Ever heard of an aerial camera that shoots 4K video, folds down to the size of a water bottle, and can stay aloft for nearly 30 minutes? Until several months ago, no one had. In September 2016, drone maker DJI introduced the Mavic Pro and with it, a new genre of personal drones that are small, capable, and full of technology.You have to get your hands on a Mavic Pro before you can fully appreciate how compact it is. For your convenience, DJI offers a Fly More combo that features a small... Continue Reading >

The story behind this drone wedding photo

January 2017 issue News

Using a drone for wedding photography is one thing. Capturing a shot that maximizes the aerial perspective is another.This image was made possible by a collaboration between Helene Havard, a Papeete, Tahiti-based wedding photographer, and Flying World Pictures, a drone videography company. Havard found the location for the photo while scouting out the island of Moorea. “I wanted to have [the couple] in a position that would integrate them well with nature,” she explains.Havard came up... Continue Reading >

10 Best drone practices

January 2017 issue Business

Groundwork for remote pilotsThere it is: Your spanking new Remote Pilot certificate from the FAA. You can now fly a drone and get paid for it! The potential is huge because low-altitude aerial photography can immediately differentiate your business. It invariably creates excitement among customers. The views from above are often breathtaking.Starting a drone business or adding a drone to your existing business has many similarities to starting a photography business. You have to find... Continue Reading >

How to do drone photography

November 2016 issue Business

IN ON THE GROUND FLOORAerial photographer Parker Gyokeres first started experimenting with drone photography as a public affairs photojournalist in the U.S. Air Force. On assignment to document various operations, Gyokeres often wanted to get more elevated perspectives, but he couldn’t get high enough with a ladder or on a building.So Gyokeres started building drones by modifying early remote aircraft to serve as airborne platforms for his camera. Back then in the mid-2000s, Gyokeres and... Continue Reading >