Unwell? Call a doctor

August 2015 issue

Unwell? Call a doctor

New PPA member benefit

Call a Doctor Plus, the latest membership benefit from PPA, can save photographers both time and money when they’re not feeling well or have health questions. For a modest monthly fee, members can simply pick up the phone or log on to a website to get answers, assistance, and even prescriptions.

Call a Doctor Plus is a health and wellness program that uses technology to provide patients with effective, immediate access to health care goods and services. There are no co-pays, deductibles, or per-call charges.

PPA photographers get all the care they need for an exclusive low monthly subscription of $14.95 per month. The service is typically $19.95 per month.

Call a Doctor Plus provides 24/7 access to certified physicians who can diagnose and prescribe. Prescriptions are sent directly to members’ local pharmacies, and records are sent to their primary physician. The benefit  covers up to five dependents.

One member who’s already used the service gives it a thumbs up. “I requested a consultation online and was called by a doctor within 5 to 10 minutes,” she said. “After providing a brief description of my symptoms, I was diagnosed with an acute upper respiratory infection. The doctor sent a prescription to my local pharmacy, and I had the medicine in hand less than an hour after I called.”

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